Your Favorite Banana And How It Affects Your Health

Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits in the world. In the United States alone, bananas are consumed yearly more than apples and oranges combined.

Banana lovers do not horse around the minute it comes to their love for the maturity of their favorite fruit.

While some individuals would tell you that they prefer unripe or immature bananas, some others have a preference for green bananas. Still, others prefer the brown or black-spotted bananas.

The fact still remains- bananas are loaded with heavy vitamins and minerals which help to fight diseases in the body. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, niacin, riboflavin, as well as vitamin B6,  are some minerals and vitamins an individual takes in when he eats a banana. These essential minerals and vitamins contribute to the proper functioning of the body and keep it healthy. We can conclude then that a bunch of bananas a day also keeps the doctor away.

In reality, pregnant women, according to medical experts, ought to eat bananas because they aid colon health, prevents anemia, and very active in the reduction of swelling.

We can conclude then that a bunch of bananas a day also keeps the doctor away.

However, there are two factors one must consider when it comes to choosing your favorite type, these factors include, the taste of the banana as well as your health.

According to health researchers, each bunch of banana pigmentation has its own health benefits

Green banana contains resistant starch

On the words of a registered dietitian, in the person of Jill Corleone, this type of starch (pectin) acts more like a fiber in the body of humans. She wrote in an article for Livestrong, saying:

“Resistant starch in your diet, like the green banana, may reduce your risk of diabetes by aiding in blood sugar control, and heart disease by helping to lower blood cholesterol levels.”

Green bananas are very rich in pectin, a water-soluble carbohydrate which helps to lower blood sugar levels (cholesterol) and helps improve digestive health. It also helps in the total control of diarrhea, treats diabetes and aids weight loss.

So, it is healthy to consume green banana on a daily basis.

Brown spotted bananas are known to maintain high levels of minerals and acids

According to the Linus Pauling Institute, foods high in potassium help in the prevention of osteoporosis from postmenopausal women by decreasing calcium lose.

Brown bananas also contain the mood-altering amino acid, tryptophan- which is dais to regulate the mood of an individual. It reduces anxiety and helps an individual to sleep better.

It has been discovered that the older a banana gets, the easier it is to digest. Therefore, brown bananas are very good for a person having issues with digestion.

As a banana reaches its brown stage, its antioxidant-concentration increases; thus protecting your body against disease-causing inflammation.

So, when you are feeling stressed, eat a banana since it calms the nervous system and makes people relax; consequently, provi

ding an overall improved mood.

Most people do not know the function of the brown spots on a banana. The spots on ripe yellow bananas snows that the banana has a high level of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), a substance that destroys cancerous tumors.

Yellow, strong bananas protect the body from diseases

Though yellow bananas contain more sugar as they age, they are better than sugary drinks.

They are very great for your hair and scalp by helping to prevent and control dandruff and moisturize your scalp.

Since they contain potassium, natural oils, and vitamins, they help soften the hair, preventing split ends and breakage. They are also other health benefits of yellow bananas- from reducing the risk of insomnia to decreasing the risk of strokes.

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