Working 80 Hours a Week Doesn’t Lead to Success

Working 80 Hours a Week Doesn't Lead to Success

There are so many indicators people use to measure how successful any business venture is. One of such indicators is the cliché “hard work pays” mentality everybody seems to agree with.

While I totally agree with the fact that hard work pays, working 80 hours a week does not guarantee that you will be successful, on the contrary, working 80 hours a week would take its toll on your health, family, marriage and overall, your productivity level. To this end, working 80 hours a week will only lead to:

Personal fatigue

People tend to operate at their optimum capacity certain hours a day, hence, it goes against our default setting to work 80 hours a week. The result of such excesses is personal fatigue, tiredness, and reduced productivity. Studies upon studies have clearly shown that people operate at their optimum capacity for at least 10 hours a day, consequently, it is inappropriate to work the body beyond its normal working capacity. True success is not measured in the 80 hours a week you put into your business but in your ability to understand your body and the best times you are most productive, this would help you manage your business effectively as well create a balance in other aspects of your life

Working too hard

Most entrepreneurs are very impatient; they seem to have this penchant desire for urgency at achieving their business goals, visions, and objectives. Because of their desire to do everything themselves, most entrepreneurs pay attention to every detail in their business.

Their goal is to strive towards perfection and mastery. While this is good on one hand it can be a misnomer on the other.  The reason why most entrepreneurs work too hard is not unconnected with the following entrepreneurial mistakes:

  • Most entrepreneurs are jack of all trade and fail to prioritize
  • They are scared of tackling tough things
  • Their affinity to do things themselves stops them from delegating responsibilities

Consequently, success in business can be achieved by the following:

Don’t be your own slave driver

As an entrepreneur, it is quite detrimental to overwork yourself, overworking yourself would only turn you into your own slave driver. Thus, it is your responsibility to correct the damage you are doing to your health by sticking to your best productive hours. Trust me giving your business 10 hours of optimum time is twice better than working poorly for twenty hours. My advice, an average of 50 hours or less a week is enough to bring out the best in you

Work Smarter

One secret to success that I have found is our inherent ability to work smarter at what we do, while this may sound like a cliché, it is absolutely necessary if you must make headway in business, hence, before you make any decision, endeavor to think decisions through before implementing them.

Working 80 Hours a Week Doesn't Lead to Success

Change the organization

This is a proven strategy to help you minimize your time, if you find it difficult working at your optimum 50 hours a week, then it’s time to change your organizational strategy. One way to achieve this is by delegating responsibilities to your team members.

Learn to let go

You must learn to relinquish authority by hiring the best hands to help manage your business, there is no need to be “Mr. know it all”, all you need to do is relate your business goals, visions, and objectives to your competent staff, and watch them achieve your dream.

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