3 Women Guys Should Never Hit On

Women Guys Should Never Hit On

Guys are always on the lookout for their next prey and when they spot one, they go all out like a pack of hyena to devour their prey. However, while your potential prey might seem like a big catch, trust me she might not be worth pursuing.

Below is a list of women you should be careful of.

The Woman Fresh Out of a Relationship

Trust me when I say these women are trouble. You might find them incredibly attractive and ready for any wild adventure. As juicy as this may sound to you, she would rip your heart out. Reason being that she is fresh out of a broken relationship and not ready for any real commitment, she is just looking for opportunities to forget her recent heartbreak.

The Woman Pounding Shots at the Back of the Bar

No matter how much you are having a good time, a girl who throws down more shots down her throat than you do is definitely a no-go for me in a relationship. For all I care she could be mentally unstable, fresh out of a relationship or having a terrible day. Going after such a girl will never end in any productive relationship, except you are just trying to blow some steam, avoid her.

The Woman Glued to Her iPhone

This is the current state of many Naija babes; they can’t seem to get their hands off their iPhone. Their attachment to their phones means you are always going to play second fiddle. Guys, avoid such women like you avoid STDS.

Women Guys Should Never Hit On

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