Why women don’t date good guys

Why women don’t date good guys-nitalks

The women ultimate desire is to have a boyfriend who is smart, sensitive and emotionally caring. Yet very few women will settle for nice guys, their dating preference is often a paradox to me.

However, here is why many girls never end up with nice guys.

Good guys forget women have sexual desires

Being a good and nice guy doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to make a good partner or make you the right fit for every woman. Being nice doesn’t guarantee that a girl would want to date you, relationships truly go beyond being nice, girls want to have awesome “sexcapades” from their man and a good guy may never live up to these expectations.

They are terrible in bed

A lot of women don’t date good guys because they are terrible in bed. Good guys always try to lure a woman to bed but end up not knowing what to do. They lack every confidence and experience to give ladies some “good, good loving.”

Nice guys are boring and uninteresting

Still wondering why women don’t date nice guys? It is because many ladies find good guys very boring. At first, good guys are these attractive, sweet things to be around. Later on, women lose chemistry because good guys get very boring and uninteresting. Notwithstanding, though, there is a lot that makes up for a relationship than just being nice. This is why ladies always opt for a bad guy so long he is interesting to hang around.Why women don’t date good guys-nitalks

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