Why you should date an introvert

There is no limit to the dreams and aspiration a woman can have, one of these dreams is to have a boyfriend who can sweep her off her feet, one with a strong personality, huge sense of humor, one who puts boisterous laughter on her leaps and gives her the fun of her life, but no one wants to date an introvert.

Few ladies would want to date an introvert, one who appears shy and energized by been alone. While there are downsides to this, there are tons of benefits derived from dating an introvert; one of such benefits is that, they never embarrass you in public.

In addition, most introverts make better husbands, the reason being that most relationships fail today because most people can’t make up their minds on what they need. However, introverts have this advantage, because they can clearly differentiate between their wants and needs because of their ability to think and talk to themselves for decades, they usually have no rooms for misplaced priorities.

Furthermore, for a woman who has serious trust issues, there are very few chances that an introvert will cheat. This is because they often want to keep to themselves, and only communicate with those they feel comfortable around and have a bond with, you can all agree with me that no one wants a cheating man, if this is true, then an introvert is your best bet.

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