4 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Like Dating Taller Girls

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Guys like dating girls of their height or a bit shorter than they are, but most guys don’t like dating girls that are taller than they are. What’s wrong with a tall girl dating a short guy?

Nothing I guess, but a check should be done. In view of this, I would like to show you four reasons guys don’t like dating taller girls.

  1. In the first place, I would like to say a guy that’s dating a tall girl is constantly worried about his height; he will be like a younger brother besides her instead of her boyfriend. When a guy is taking a ramble down the path with his tall girlfriend, people will think he is with his elder sister and he will have to look up to her every minute while talking.
  1. The second reason is the inability of the guy to protect the girl from danger or the girl feeling her man is incompetent, a tall guy can give his girlfriend a sense of protection when she is with him while with a short guy it will be very difficult to intimidate people. The lady might not complain but she will feel he is lacking as a man and this attitude can affect the relationship.

taller girls

  1. Furthermore, Taller girls can be bossy at times. When you are in a relationship with a girl that is taller than you, her height will make her feel superior to you and you will probably be her errand boy instead of her man which will lead to lack of respect for the guy.
  1. Ultimately, we all know what all girls want from guys, Sex! He may not be able to satisfy her sexually, which may lead to jilting each other on the long run.

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