Why are Vitamins Important for Your Kids?

How much is too much? Or do you think your kids do not need enough vitamins because they are still kids? Don’t you think it is important you incorporate different sources of vitamins into their meals? Indeed, vitamins are very important for children. Yes, they are.

But just why are vitamins important for my kids than I thought? What kind of vitamin do I need to incorporate into their meals? In this article, I will shape your idea on the need of vitamins—looking at different angles of health. Also, I will list different vitamins to make your kids healthy—able to fight different inflammations and diseases.

The Importance of Vitamins to Children

As parents, you want the best for your kid. No wonder you do your utmost ensuring that they eat a healthy and well-balanced diet! But just as your kids need protein for survival, they also need multivitamins for survival and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Their body solely needs vitamins to work properly. This will help them to grow and develop just as they should. Let us examine critical vitamins and their importance thus giving you more than enough reasons why your children need them.

  1. Vitamin A
    You really want to do your best to ensure that your kid can live a disease-free lifestyle. The body of your kid is able to fight diseases if it (the body) is healthy enough to do that. This is where vitamin A has its own part to play in the life of your child. Vitamin A is so important that your kid can’t do without it. You may be wondering why exactly your kid needs a lot of this vitamin. As earlier noted, vitamin A helps the body to fight against diseases. To build and maintain stronger and healthy teeth, mucus membrane, skin, and bones, you also need Vitamin A.
  • The B Vitamins
    There are more than 1 B vitamins. That is why they are known as B vitamins. There are 8 known B vitamins and are very useful to every human, especially children. Do you feel rejuvenated and agile immediately you finish a meal? Why are your red blood cells able to carry oxygen throughout the body? Why does your brain function properly? All of this is made possible with the aid of B vitamins. For instance, vitamin B1 (thiamine) helps in converting nutrient to energy so that your body releases that energy needed to do work. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is necessary for the formation of red blood cells and the creation of neurotransmitters. B12 (cobalamin)—which is probably the most-known B vitamin—is needed for the production of DNA and development of red blood cells because for every cell of the body to metabolize, it must have sole dependence on B12. Just like B12, other known vitamins are crucial to the health of your kid.
  • Vitamin C
    Of course, you know the importance of vitamin C, don’t you? Vitamin C is very important to the health of your children. Why? This simple theory gives an answer to just that question: No growth of tissues, no bodily development. Does that sound weird? Let’s consider another scenario. You really long for quick recovery from your wound. This can be made possible if you have been eating lots of fruits and veggies because they contain vitamin C tailored for healing wounds. Vitamin C is also needed because through it a protein, known as collagen is produced. The production of collagen in the body is very vital as it helps in the formation of tendons, ligament, and blood vessels. You see why it is important to buy those fresh fruits and cook fresh veggies for your kids!
  • Vitamin D
    Oh, my kids don’t need vitamin D because they already have other crucial vitamins! How true or valid is your statement? Your statement can’t be valid or true in any way, by any form considered. Why? The reasons are not far-fetched. Do you still recall the word ‘rickets?’ with what do you think that word is associated? Rickets is a debilitating condition of the bone in children due to lack of vitamin D. Furthermore, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin D helps protect the lungs from inflammation. What kind of mood do you, as a parent, want to find your kid in? Would you prefer that your kid always goes sad? This is another proven reason kids need vitamin D—since it helps in boosting mood.    
  • Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is an antioxidant in nature. Antioxidants help protect the body against free radicals, which when left unattended to, cause damage to the body. If the immune system is not strong enough to defend the body, there is no argument that the body won’t get infected with viruses and bacteria. This is another area where it is important that you give your kid vitamin E.
  • Vitamin K
    How do you feel when you notice that your kid is bleeding excessively? This is why you need vitamin K—it helps in blood clotting or blood coagulation. Why is blood clotting so important? To prevent excessive bleeding when a blood vessel is injured, blood clotting is extremely fundamental. Consequently, your kids need a lot of vitamin K to help their blood clot properly.  

So parents, don’t deny your kids vitamins—they need all of them to help them develop and maintain a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.

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