Shopping is one thing we cannot do without. We all love shopping. But buying things without checking their expiring dates can pose a very big danger to our health; don’t you know that? Imagine you discover that you have been eating an expired cheese, how would you feel? Cheated on by the grocery store for still opening the sale of that product? Why don’t you equally put the blame on yourself? Don’t you think that’s pretty—if you put the blame on yourself too?

You see, you have to be extremely careful as to what you take in because your health matters a lot. But what exactly does the term “expiring date” mean?
Expiring date is the date after which a product is expected to not be sold as a result of its decline in quality. Before this date, the food still maintains its microbiological and nutritional contents stated on the label. This means that buyers must consume the product before the expiry date to get the most nutritional value out of it.

There are some products that still taste better or fine even after they have expired. Is it not still safe to eat them? This is where your judgment comes in. You have to be very judicious in this way because while some products may still taste good or OK, there is no guarantee that they won’t pose an adverse effect on your health. This is the right time to throw such a product away, if you are in doubt of its quality, so as to avoid complicated health issues that may be hidden at first.

But doesn’t the refrigeration of purchased products not extend the date of expiration? While it is good to know that refrigerating your food is good to slow down the growth of bacteria, it is best to understand that it doesn’t at the same time stop the growth of the bacteria. Nevertheless, once you have got your product frozen continuously, the date of expiration doesn’t matter anymore. 

Consuming your food even when it has passed the best before date does not necessarily matter; it doesn’t mean you should throw the product away. This is especially true when consuming yogurt or milk products.
Also, to know whether an egg has gone bad, you just need a simple but judicious trick—just place the egg in a glass cup of water. If it floats, be quick to throw it away. However, if the egg obeys Archimedes’ principle by sinking, it shows that it is still in good condition. Remember, this method only applies to uncooked eggs. 

To be honest, the best before date or expiring date only applies to unopened products. This means that once you open a product, its expiring date doesn’t apply anymore; it has been broken. This date only applies when the products are still packaged.

It is advisable to check the expiring dates of the products you want to purchase before going for them. Remember that the simple principle still remains: If you are in doubt, throw the product away.

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