What Makes Food Taste Better?

Everybody loves eating meals that taste deliciously creamy. There are a majority of people who use the ingredients severally, time and again to cook. Whether you have been a cook for years or cooking like a pro, there is a need to change or add some ingredients to the already existing ones so that your meal tastes better. Don’t you think so?

If you are a good cook, no doubt, people would want to come and patronize you. Giving them the best is always your motto. No human would ever dispute the fact that they don’t feel good when they eat a meal that tastes better, would they? For instance, if you know how to prepare a vegetable dish, that makes you feel happy because whoever tastes your meal will praise you for a meal well-prepared. But don’t you think there is a need to advance from “tasting good” to “tasting better?”

Some may not want to step further in preparing better meals, adducing it to stress as they are more likely to spend more time thinking of the best ingredients to buy. But, if you would like to know the truth, I would confess- there is always a greater need to prepare foods that taste better because, better meals lead to better health. You feel extremely glad when you eat meals that will help your immune system become more stabilized, able to fight any kind of infection. One way to achieve this ground is to go for better meals.

At this juncture, let’s examine how to make your food taste better.

  1. Don’t Seed Tomatoes
    Maybe you didn’t know this. Seeding tomatoes for your soup or sauce should be discouraged. Why? The reason is that the seed in the tomato jelly contains more compounds (glutamates) than the flesh itself.



  1. Strike only when the Pan is Hot
    The heat coming out of the oil in the pan should be allowed for some minutes before striking the pan. Don’t rush into the preheating period; allow the oil in the pan to gleam faintly before frying anything.



  1. Don’t Chop Garlic and Onion in Advance
    Garlic has a pungent smell which makes it unique. That smell is as a result of the compound, allicin present. Allicin won’t form unless it’s ruptured. And if ruptured in advance, it overpowers. Therefore, it’s best to cut your garlic at the last minute in order to give your food the best aroma. This is similar to adding cloves of onions to your food.



  1. Use the Fond, Don’t Discard
    After frying, you will notice some brown bits on the pan; they are called fond. They shouldn’t be discarded, because they contain flavors and ingredients rich in antioxidants. Use the fond to cook.



  1. Use cayenne pepper to Spice up
    Cayenne pepper is one of the best go-to spices. However, if you don’t want your mouth to be on fire, you are advised to use it thriftily.



  1. Introduce Anchovies into Your Food
    Anchovies have a lot of ingredients and so, are recommended if you desire your meal to taste better.



  1. Add Mint Leaves to your Food
    Adding mint leaves to meals is also very vital to one’s health because it encourages the secretion and flow of bile, and support healthy cholesterol.



  1. Allow your Food to Cool before Eating
    According to some studies conducted, the taste receptors in our taste buds are very sensitive to temperature. Don’t eat hot foods as they cause the tongue to experience some damage, making it difficult to take in food, possibly throughout that day.

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