What it means to be an Ambivert, and how to know if you are one

Are you that outgoing and outspoken person who enjoys being with others and likes to talk to them about your lifestyles, the world and how you view your environment? But what if you don’t have the urge to discuss with people, the type who’s well reserved and self-contained? Do you like yourself for being that person you are? People love either of these two sets of individuals. However, there is someone who shares both of these features and feels cool having them. Being an introvert does you many good as being an extrovert would.

You are an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t know what you are doing. Also, you are an extrovert doesn’t send those negative messages about you- that you are so foolish for talking wildly in the public. You may be the type who doesn’t like large gatherings or parties. You may often feel better at communicating in writing rather than in person. While others, who aren’t your sort, make it their goal not to ever shy away from the spotlight. Well, whatever the case, as I said, there is someone who shares both features of an extrovert and an introvert. This person is known as an ambivert.

Who really is an ambivert? How do you know if you an ambivert? Addressing these questions is of paramount importance to me.

Who does the term ambivert address?

An ambivert is someone who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality. You’ve probably been asked time without number if you are an extrovert or an introvert. For some of you, it’s nothing to give an answer to. You may even give an answer to the question before it’s completely asked. However, some are always sitting on the fence. They don’t know where they fall; they find it hard to tell if they either of the extroverts or introverts because they find themselves doing things commonly done by introverts while at some points, they find themselves doing things commonly associated with extroverts.

Ambiverts don’t really avoid social gatherings but at the same time, they don’t seek them out actively. This statement was made by Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology At Maryland University, Barry Smith. To get this definition better, an ambivert engages in boisterous conversations while at a party. But this same ambivert enjoys having dinner or coffee alone. They act like extroverts when in a social gathering or situation but like introverts when they are alone.

How do you know if You are an Ambivert?

There are sure signs that can tell if you are an ambivert. You might have felt or experienced these signs but you didn’t know.  Consequently, I deem it good to share them with you.
1. You are a good listener and communicator.
An ambivert is always ready to listen to others when they are expressing themselves and talk when need be. They aren’t totally like extroverts               who do the talking all day all night, just because they feel they are the only ones to be heard on the lane. Also, they aren’t like introverts who               don’t want their views to be heard when asked.

  1. Most times, you feel it’s not necessary starting conversions with strangers. But some other time, you feel it’s crucial to talk to them. This makes you an ambivert.
  2. When you aren’t the first or the last to leave a social gathering. You don’t feel it’s wise to sneak out of a social gathering nor do you feel it’s pretty to be the one to shut down the party either.
  3. You aren’t Presumptuous nor are you Diffident. An ambivert doesn’t feel diffident in any situation. But by the same token, he doesn’t feel there is a tiny reason to be presumptuous, knowing how this will definitely affect his relationship with others.
  4. You are adaptive in any environment you find yourself.
    While an extrovert doesn’t like to feel lonely because people aren’t around him, an introvert doesn’t feel the same way; he loves to be alone. However, an ambivert loves any environment he finds himself and is ready to adapt.
  5. You have no problems working both Solo and in Group. Yes, this is another trait that makes you an ambivert. On one hand, you prefer working alone. On the other hand, you love working with others as a group to achieve a common goal.

All said, if being an ambivert makes you comfortable and easy-going, so much the better for you. The choice is always yours to make.

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