What Is the Noom Diet?

Technology has made life easier. With technology, we can do virtually everything beyond imagination. Man has done so much, and this has been extended to creating apps which could help you with your weight loss plan. One of the recent inventions is an app that helps you check and balance your weight.

On the balance of evidence losing weight is hard, and figuring out how to start the plan is even harder.
When in search for weight loss, the biggest question ever asked is “What food can I include in my list?” With so many seminars and pieces of advice coming from professionals, there have been huge many approaches to weight loss, ranging from home remedies to different apps on the “long-term gain” list. With the question in mind, there have been successful trendy diets and one of them is the Keto which has been invented to help one lose weight. But these trendy diets involve the cutting down of some classes of food and focusing on one or two macronutrients including fats and proteins. Consequently, because of their side effects, an individual isn’t assured safety over time.
One app which has proven its safeness when used by those on a weight-loss plan is the Noom.

What is the Noom Diet?
Noom is a mobile app designed to help one promote healthier habits and maintain their way of life long-term. Over the past year, the Noom diet is one of the most searched diets on Google and still continues. Unlike other apps, one nice thing about the Noom app is that it focuses not only on the physical aspect of weight loss but also on the psychological aspect because many who struggle with losing weight have concerns about their emotions. These emotions, according to them, tend to be a setback.
The app, available on iPhone and Android, is free to download. You can also use some of the basic features included in the app such as logging your meals and tracking your steps. However, this app has really set itself apart from other apps or programs designed for weight loss planners. While the app is free to download from PlayStore or iOS, the membership programs it offers, which include a healthy weight program and a diabetes prevention program are not cheap since each program runs about $59 monthly or $119 yearly.

How does Noom Work?
First, you ought to download the app. After the installation, you’ll be asked some questions. These questions are based on your personal health and lifestyle habits. It allows you to detail the goals you want to achieve. Thereafter, it will give some tasks and challenges to undergo. When it discovers that you need changes to health and well-being, you will be asked to log your weight, rate your motivation, and try new greens. The app allows you to select and compare different food options. This makes logging your food simple. With its over 3 million food catalog options, you are free to select the actual food item and its portion sizes. All this is done with your fingertips; you need not go to a program center.

Is it Really Possible to Lose Weight with ‘just an App’?
Another big question is “Is it really possible to lose weight with ‘just an app’? Of course, we need this question because this is an app that’s somewhat programmed. Well, with countless photos on social media of individuals from different countries who have used the program and how they’ve lost pounds, we can attest to the fact that this app can really help you lose weight with no side effects involved. Your diet plan is selected by a team of Noom experts or coaches. These coaches are nutritionists and registered dietitians who understand your situation. This team of nutritionists and registered dietitians oversee the food catalog so as to ensure you get the most precise knowledge in regards to your diet and health. You are meant to understand that whatever you log in the app is always recorded. This is done by the experts to help you meet your goal of losing weight.

In conclusion, the approach is safe and holistic and if you stick absolutely to the advice and meal plans you are given by your coach, you will definitely be successful in losing weight.

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