Video: Smokers’ Lungs and Healthy Persons’ Lungs

Video: Smokers Lungs and Healthy Persons Lungs

Even though people understand absolutely that smoking is extremely dangerous to their health, they won’t stop smoking since they don’t see the negative effects it has on their health.

A shocking video which was released a few days ago shows the difference between healthy lungs of persons who don’t smoke and the unhealthy lungs of smokers who can’t do without smoking just a pack of cigarettes, for twenty years.

This shocking video, which shows the difference between the lungs of someone who doesn’t smoke and that of a smoker- what smoking does to the health of a person, was shared on Facebook by Amanda Eller- a nurse from North Carolina. This video shows the black, cancer-ridden of a heavy smoker that fails to fill with air as it should be.

These cancer-ridden lungs were in comparison with red-coloured lungs. This video, we hope, will send a deafening warning to heavy smokers- especially in the US where we have 17 percent of adult smokers and the UK with 15 percent.

Smoking, as proven, damages the lungs of a person, thus the individual is prone to develop lung cancer by estimation of 23 times. It has also been adduced to 87 percent of death.

The video starts with black, cancer-ridden lungs of a smoker failing to properly inflate. This is followed by red-coloured cancer that is shown to inflate and deflate as it should be.

Ms. Eller said:

“Because these lungs are COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), the elastance is gone, so they will stretch out but then the recoil of them just snaps right back”. The word ‘elastance’ is used to mean lungs that have the ability to rebound after stretching them during inhalation.

When the elastance is reduced, this means that the lungs are rigid, so it takes a great effort to work harder so as to get sufficient air.

The smoker’s lungs were compared to the healthy lungs of someone who doesn’t smoke at all.

In conclusion, Ms. Eller said: “You can see [after] inhalation and [during] expiration [the lungs] totally deflate.”


Please, watch the video below.

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