Ulcer Pain Relief at Night

Ulcers are sores awful slow to heal. They sometimes appear in the inside of an individual, such as leg ulcer in the skin, or outside of an individual, such as a peptic ulcer in the lining of the stomach. They don’t specialize on a particular spot in the body; you can get infected with them from the eyes to the feet of your body. Also, they can easily affect anywhere in the digestive system, leading to indigestion and nausea.

Ulcers are caused by injuries, infection, and diseases. Also, nonsteroidal drugs (such as aspirin, ibuprofen) are responsible for an ulcer. When an ulcer occurs, we have the habit of thinking of over-the-counter painkillers as perfectly safe. But the bitter truth is that many commonplace drugs, as the one mentioned earlier can aggravate an ulcer, leading to a serious health problem.

While some don’t stay longer, others stay longer than expected because they are left untreated. Nevertheless, there are certain remedies for an ulcer. These remedies are a good relief for the pain.

  1. Honey

Honey has been proven to have antimicrobial properties, properties needed for treating ulcers at night. Honey is one of the best pain reliefs for           an ulcer.


  1. Probiotics
    Probiotics are live microorganisms which are beneficial to the body of humans. These active and good bacteria can help treat an ulcer, thus improving or restoring the gut flora.


  1. Unripe Plantain
    Studies conducted show that unripe plantain acted as an anti-ulcerogenic against an ulcer that has already been caused by aspirin. The reason is owing to the fact that unripe plantains contain a flavonoid, leucocyanidin which help to fight the bacteria.


  1. Turmeric
    Turmeric is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Researchers have discovered that the polysaccharides found in turmeric help to alleviate ulcers by protecting the mucous lining of the stomach and inhibit the growth of an ulcer-causing bacterium in any part of the body.


  1. Fruits and Vegetables
    Fruits and vegetables are very rich in many powerful vitamins and minerals which are essential for the treatment of an ulcer. These essential nutrients help kill H. pylori which causes a peptic ulcer and that which causes a leg ulcer. All these powerful nutrients prove that fruits and veggies are among the best pain reliefs for an ulcer even at night.
    Examples of fruits and vegetables for an ulcer are:
    Olive oil


  1. Chamomile Tea
    A review published in 2012 shows that chamomile extracts are found to have anti-ulcer properties. This tea is also very effective at fighting mouth ulcer caused by chemotherapy.


  1. Licorice
    Licorice is used to treat ulcers. Licorice root extracts can speed the repair of ulcers of any form because the extracts have anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties of an acid called glycyrrhizic acid which helps to kill the bacteria.


  1. Cabbage
    Cabbage is a popular natural remedy for an ulcer. In fact, it has been used by doctors decades before the availability of antibiotics. Cabbage contains vitamin C, a vitamin which is very active to help kill and prevent the infection.


At this juncture, let’s consider foods we must avoid for proper treatment of ulcers. Some people consider eating any type of food since they are taking remedies for the ulcer. However, certain foods can help worsen the problem. Some of the foods we must avoid are:
Fried foods
Foods with a high amount of pepper
Foods high in fat

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