Types of girls you’ll see at a Lagos party

Types of girls you'll see at a Lagos party

Every night you see people party hard in clubs, chilling after the day’s work or just hanging out with their friends cradling a drink.

On weekends, the island and mainland is practically bustling with merriment, partying and all round and grooving. You see Lagosians gorgeously dressed to rock occasions like birthday parties, burial ceremonies and weddings.
Attending a party in Lagos is really fun and exciting, there is so much going on simultaneously that you’ll definitely be wowed! In a typical Lagos party, you come across various personalities in males and females. Now here are the types of girls you will always find in a Lagos Party

The Overdressed

These types of girls will spend thousands on a single outfit outshining the host! They move back and forth displaying their heavy makeup, glittering dresses and their a-mile-long heels.

Party Whores

These types of girls are very promiscuous and they don’t hide that, they wear skimpy outfits, not leaving a single thing to the imagination. You see them jumping from one guy’s laps to another man’s arms. Flirting endlessly that they end up getting sexually harassed.

Types of girls you'll see at a Lagos party

The One Obsessed With Her Man

Ah! Girls like these are very common in Lagos parties o, you’ll see them always clinging to their guy, wanting his complete attention. Any lady that mistakenly makes a move on their man is in danger!

Girls Forming Attitude

Any guy that crosses their path or goes out of his way will be rewarded with complete embarrassment. These girls with their chic and sophisticated demeanor will dress you down completely that you’ll just want to crawl into a corner and cry.

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