What Type Of Business Can I Start With N50,000 And Below?

What Type Of Business Can I Start With N50,000 And Below?

You have that money in your account and it’s just lying there without you knowing what to do with it, or just as I have heard from some guys around here, someone promised to give them money and they just can’t think of the best business to invest the money, well, this article may not go deep into any of these businesses, but it will surely offer you enough information on each of them.


Well, you may not have enough money to venture into large scale importation, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go into mini-importation. Well, the funny truth is that you will also be called an importer, whether you bring in a container or not. I have exchanged messages with many companies in China and they were willing to make products with my company logo on them, and that could sell you fast as you would be advertising your business too.

Mini-importation can be tricky at first, but if you tread carefully, if you are not too tight fisted, and if you are not too greedy, you may enjoy mini-importation. That’s what about 30% of sellers on konga, jumia and many other online marketplaces do, and they reap the profits in many folds.

There are many items online to choose from, and you could choose from any that suites you most. Additionally, try investing in a single line, as it will help you grow in your knowledge and expertise, be known with that range of product and you could be hitting it big in no time, but hard work has to be put in.

Recharge Card Printing and Wholesale

It may not be as lucrative as many have thought it to be, but it’s actually a goldmine if you have interest in it. There are many sources of information on getting started in printing and selling of recharge cards in bulk, so you could do some research before finally deciding to jump into the fray.

Frying and Selling Eatables

I don’t need to tell you how easily this business can turn your thousands into hundreds of thousands. You get to your bus stop and you see guys under a canopy frying and selling all kinds of eatables and people are just queuing to buy. Get a good location, get someone who is good with catering, and get the necessary equipments which should cost you less than 30k, start small and dream big.

What Type Of Business Can I Start With N50,000 And Below?

Soap Making

Soap making is also a very cool field for those who may have the experience. It doesn’t really need to be on a large scale, but starting on a large scale isn’t bad. If you get the needed skills and training, making soap for sale could be putting money in your account regularly.

Livestock Rearing

Not many people would consider this, but it’s actually something you can venture into. You can rear snails, goats, birds, dogs and even rabbits for sale. Take it or leave it, Nigeria may be hard today, but people still eat. People will always eat even though the economy is strained. And you can always satisfy people’s need by giving them what they need when they need it.

The lowest I can sell a he-goat is 15k and people still buy, imagine when you have a large compound with 15 he-goats; just calculate the profit. Have you ever asked for the price of one full grown dog, chicken and turkey during Christmas? It just serves to tell you the profit that awaits you when you venture into livestock rearing.

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