Top Phone and Gadget Retailers in Lagos

Top Phone and Gadget Retailers in Lagos

The smartphone market in Nigeria has really become extremely competitive these days, having so many smartphone brands coming to the limelight every year. The rise of newer and existing smartphone brands has called for the different smartphone retailers in Lagos State, Nigeria, where a final consumer (a phone user) could easily purchase a mobile device such as iPhone, Tecno, Samsung, InnJoo, Huawei, Winko, Sony Xperia, Itel, Nokia, Gionee, Infinix, and many more in the Nigeria mobile market.

Undoubtedly, we are faced with the option of where to purchase an affordable and quality phone in the Nigerian mobile market, especially in the Lagos mobile market since not all the smartphone retailers are trustworthy. For this reason, we have put in details the best smartphone retailers in Lagos, where you can purchase a smartphone at an affordable price with great functionality.

Don’t forgive; this list we’ve compiled is based on affordability and quality products.

  1. Slot Systems Limited

One of the prominent retailers in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. Almost everyone knows or has heard of this famous retail outlet. It is very popular a retailer because of its quality phones and gadgets it has sold out over the years.

In fact, it is the most sought after in the Nigerian mobile market. In terms of distribution, it is the leading retailer in Lagos. So, you are guaranteed 100% quality gadgets and phones at Slot.

  1. 3C HUB

Another leading retailer in Lagos is 3C HUB, popularly known in Nigeria for offering good gadgets and phones to consumers at affordable prices. One interesting aspect that makes this one of the leading retailers in Lagos is that they provide a VIP policy and aftersales services to consumers; this, in fact, makes the outlet to still retain its reputation.

Thinking of buying an extremely expensive smartphone? 3C (which stands for confident, comfortable, and convenient) has that product. It deals in all kinds of phones and gadgets.

  1. Mizbeach Limited

Mizbeach limited is one of the offline outlets in Lagos where you are guaranteed a quality phone. It is situated in Computer Village, Lagos. They are known for selling all kinds of quality phones. On Mondays to Fridays, they operate from 8am-5pm; while on Saturdays, they operate from 9am-4pm.

Their mission is to leave a pleasant and exciting experience in the minds of those who patronize them. Mizbeach boasts of providing their esteemed customers with high-quality smartphones at the most competitive prices. So it’s one of the best phone and gadget retailers you can trust.

  1. Pointek

This is another leading Nigeria mobile retail outlet in Lagos State, where you are guaranteed quality phones at affordable prices. Pointek is located at 6, Simbiat Way, Ikeja 100001, Ikeja. Their hours of operation are between 8am-6pm (Mondays to Fridays); while on Saturdays, they operate from 9am-4pm.

  1. Affordable Communications Limited

Located at 12, Simbiat Abiola Road, Ikeja, Affordable Communications Limited also boasts of providing buyers with quality smartphones with greater functionalities. Their hours of services run for 11 hours on Mondays-Saturdays. As with other offline retail outlets, Affordable Communication Limited doesn’t operate on Sundays.

  1. Revive Technology

As the name implies, Revive Technology was known back then for mobile phone repairs but has now grown to become a smartphone retailer. It is located at 2A, Simbiat Abiola way, Ikeja. They are dealers in all kinds of smartphones and are always putting the welfare of the customers at heart first before theirs. So, if you are interested in patronizing Revive Technology, you ought to know that their hours of services run from 8am-6pm (Mondays-Saturdays).

  1. Micro Station

This is one of the vanguard phone and gadget retail outlets located at 9, Otigba Street, Ikeja. Micro Station is proud sellers of quality and affordable smartphones.

  1. PTV Phones

PTV is another proud retailer of phones and gadgets in the Nigerian mobile market, established in 2001 and so, is considered to be one of the best retailers offering quality phones. The company also has an offline platform where orders can be placed by buyers who desire to buy quality products. This company, like most others, sells major smartphone brands like Tecno, Samsung, Huawei, and Infinix.

  1. Parktel International

Parktel International places high regards on the services it renders. The retailer sells all smartphone brands and ensures that quality smartphones are delivered.

  1. Yudala

Yudala is an online and offline smartphone retailer. When we were researching the best gadget and phone retailers in the market, we decided to include Yudala because it’s a trusted retailer.

So those are our top 10 phone and gadget retailers in Lagos. There are just the best places you can buy your gadget because they offer the best quality products you may need.

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