Top 7 Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Top 7 Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one the most feared and commonly diagnosed kind of cancer among women worldwide. Currently, breast cancer ranks as the second leading cause of cancerous death among women with over 1.7 million women diagnosed with this infection worldwide.

It is estimated that in every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast while one woman dies from this infection in every 13 minutes, this statistics sounds quite alarming.

Breast cancer usually results from small tumors (generally known as lumps) in the tissues of the breast, which if remains untreated becomes cancerous and spreads through the lymph nodes of the breast. Hence, one’s best chances of surviving this malady are through early diagnosis achievable only through consistent self-examination of breast and routine medical checkup and mammograms with your physician or gynecologist.

Below are 7 warning signs of impending breast cancer:

  1. Detection of a Lump

Lumps and tumors in the breast region are the most common symptoms of breast cancer. These lumps are often time located under the armpit, nipple area, or around the lymph nodes. If these lumps remain unattended to, they could become cancerous and dangerous to the health of patients. Consequently, women are advised to frequently carry out a self-examination and palpation test on their breast to detect developing lumps. While some of this lumps might appear painless and benign, urgent medical attention and screening are necessary, to curb the growth of such lumps.

  1. Itchy Breasts

This is a very common symptom of breast cancer which should be taken quite seriously. Women who have been previously diagnosed with breast cancer complain of itchiness of the breast and closely followed by nipple discharges. This particular symptom might sometimes look like severe dermatitis, nonetheless, people who experience this should go for breast cancer screening immediately.

Top 7 Symptoms of Breast Cancer

  1. Swollen Breasts

The growing of tumors or lump in the breast usually leads to swollen breast among women with breast cancer. This swelling of the breast is accompanied sometimes by painful sensation in the breast region. Nonetheless, early screening could help upturn an impending breast cancer.

  1. Shoulder & Neck Stiffness

It is normal to feel stiffness in the shoulder and neck region particularly when one is fatigued or has not engaged in any physical exercise for a while. However, if this symptom becomes unremitting regardless of exercise, body massage, and ointment treatment, contact your physician and talk about possible cancer screening.

  1. Breast Size Change

Although this symptom of cancer might not be so glaring, prior to lump or tumor formation, there is a noticeable change in the size of the breast, particularly among the affected breast. Consequently, in addition to your breast palpation examination for lumps, do pay a close attention to know if there are changes in your breast size.

Top 7 Symptoms of Breast Cancer

  1. Breast Tenderness

The presence of lumps and tumors in the breast usually lead to pains and breast tenderness. This pains could be felt when your partner caresses your breast or when you lying down on your tummy. Also, this pain will increase as the lumps continue to multiply, hence you must nip this tumor growth in the bud by going for cancer screening and enrolling for early treatment.

  1. Nipple Discharge

Any discharge that surfaces when you are not lactating should trigger a sense of urgency and medical checkup in any woman; this is because breast cancer usually develops in your milk duct, leading to the expulsion of what might look like milk or blood substances from the nipple.

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