Tips for Pregnancy Fitness – by Trainer Andrea Speir

Though the moves on the workout are much easier, Speir says this type of workout is not necessary for you if you aren’t the type who likes exercise during pregnancy.

A celebrity trainer who goes by the name, Andrea Speir says that women with pregnancy shouldn’t engage in the same workout routine during their period of pregnancy. To that end, she has come up with what she termed the Fit Pregnancy Plan series. This will help pregnant women have a good workout and stay healthy throughout their pregnancy period. If you are a pregnant woman, this is the right article for you.

As the founder of Speir Pilate studio located in Santa Monica, Andrea Speir tells everyone that a 12-video program created by her is specifically designed for pregnant women. This series was developed and filmed while she was in her pregnancy period. In an interview, she said:

“It’s a combination of what I knew the body needed, and what felt really good. So having one workout from start to finish didn’t really make sense for me. I wanted to do a series that wasn’t just one workout; it was broken down by trimester.”

One of the videos featured her explaining how the moves, which any pregnant woman could do at home, are perfect for the third trimester.

On one of the videos she explained, saying:

“When you’re in your third trimester, you’re not doing planking. You’re not going up and down. It’s hard to move. You have all this weight in the front pulling your body forward, so your back is so tight. And it’s hard to stretch it out because you’ve got this big baby in the front. So we do this flowing, crescent, warrior-pose-type series, where your arms are reaching back, you’re stretching out your upper back, you’re flowing to get the whole body warmed up.”

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She also found it pleasurable to emphasize deep squats and how they are beneficial for pregnant women.

“It felt so good, and it stretches out your hips.” She said.

“When you lower down, your pelvic floor opens, and when you stand back up, it activates, so you’re actually preparing your body for the pushing in labor at that moment. It’s all super-controlled.”

Later during the workout, she trained women through standing moves, using a chair as a medium. During this particular series, she explained: “The stronger your butt is, your hips and the base of your body, it helps support your back, because you’ve got all this weight in the front.”

The last in the series is the Oblique Workout. She talked about the women she trained, saying:

“When I teach women, they’re like, ‘Can I work my core?’ And there are a lot of questions about how to safely strengthen your abns, and one of the biggest things is the oblique that wraps around the sides and our waist. But those are what help push during labor. So ignoring your core is not necessarily the path you want to go through.”

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Though the moves on the workout are much easier, Speir says this type of workout is not necessary for you if you aren’t the type who likes exercise during pregnancy. However, she emphasized on the need of performing the workout, says it eases delivery. She said:

“I think you should work out as much as you can, but I also think that you should give yourself the compassion to know that it’s going to be different while you’re pregnant.”

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