This Thing Called Pain

Throughout history, living healthy is the major concern of man. Everybody wants to live a healthy life. But to our surprise, something poses a threat to our health. Just how little but powerful that word is— it can destabilize you in no time—if not properly given its needed attention! And virtually everybody feels this at some point in their life. Whether you are young or old, we all feel pain.

What exactly is pain? That highly unpleasant physical sensation and emotional experience linked to the damage of tissue refers to pain. It is also an uncomfortable feeling that tells you something is wrong internally.

Why exactly do people feel pain in the first place? While different people will tell you why they feel pain, there is just one simple thing to help us understand why people actually feel pain. People feel pain when the nerves that detect tissue damage send millions of messages about the damage to the brain. For instance, if you touch something hot, the nerves send immediate messages to the brain that something is wrong. The brain, through the spinal cord, sends messages to the muscles. This information gets to the muscles through a junction called the neuromuscular junction. The muscles contract immediately, thus making you remove your hand from the hot substance. This also tells us the amazing function of the human body. Does it take hours for you to remove your hand from the hot substance? Not at all! Within seconds you have done that. Here is another wonderful thing the brain does, anyway: it releases the feel-good hormone to help you counter the effects of the pain.

Is it really normal to feel pain? Of course, it is normal to feel pain for certain reasons. If your tissue continues to get damaged without your notice, it poses an adverse threat to your life. This is one good reason why it is good to feel pain—it warns us to take action to prevent further damage of tissues. This means that when we sense pain, we pay attention to it, thus being able to take steps to fix what hurts.

Types of Pain

Pain can be acute or chronic, depending on the type.

When is a pain said to be cute? When your pain is acute, it means that you have intense but short-lived pain. In the example given above, if the hot substance causes an injury which results in tissue damage, then you are suffering from acute pain. Another example of acute pain is muscle spasm.

On the other hand, chronic pain is more severe than acute pain. Furthermore, chronic pain lasts longer than acute pain. In fact, this type of pain can even be continuous and more embarrassing—since it can last for months. Chronic pain is often caused by a back sprain or pulled a muscle. When this happens, it causes more damage to the nerves. Certain chronic pains do not result from an injury; they can be triggered by diseases. These two causes are reasons why chronic pain lasts longer than acute pain. Inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, interstitial cystitis, and osteoarthritis are some culprits.

Preventive Measures to Combat Pain

There are different measures to take for preventing pain. Below are some of the best methods prescribed by medical experts.

  1. Eat healthy meals
  2. Exercise Regularly
  3. Proper posture while walking and sitting
  4. Reduce stress
  5. Get to your doctor quickly if you experience any pain

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