Things You Never Knew About Chronic Pain

Your body’s way of reacting to red flags for immediate attention, as a result of an injury is termed an acute pain. However, on the other hand, that pain in the body that lasts for weeks, months, even years is termed a chronic pain. Chronic pain is very sapping and affects millions of individuals globally. Those who suffer from chronic pains face a lot that you never knew. It’s hard to understand what chronic pain is like if you don’t have it. Even if you have someone battling the pain, you wouldn’t really know the pains they are going through because you are only seeing things from the outside. There is a lot going on behind the scene. I will share with you ways to get a lens into what those suffering from a chronic deal with.

Chronic Pains are Physical and Emotional
Chronic pains affect every facet of the body. An individual experiencing chronic pain will tell you that it’s very stressful and most times, leads to frustration. There is a parallelism between pain and stress. Pains, according to medical experts, increase stress levels. These increased stress levels make pains worse, thus leading to depression and less concentration.

Women Experience more Pain than Men
You could disagree with it. But in actuality, it is true. Why? It’s impossible for men to undergo menstruation nor is it possible for them to undergo childbirth. These are the reasons why women feel more pains than men. Studies also show that women feel pains intensely than men.

Some days are easier than others
Those with chronic pains understand this better. While they find some days easy-going, they also find it difficult to cope in other days.

You may look fine but are always in Pain
With your face shining, people don’t agree that you are unwell. This makes it difficult for them to sympathize with you.

It can have an Adverse Effect on your Self-Esteem
Having chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, can affect the way you approach people and handle situations.

How you are relieved when painkillers are at work
This kind of relief isn’t experienced by virtually everyone because not everyone undergoes the pains you are in. The moment you use painkillers, you feel very relieved to the extent that you start engaging in your daily activities. How could someone know this better if they aren’t in the same situation as you?

Chronic Pains leave People in an extreme State of Anxiety
As earlier stated, you may be pretty cool but you aren’t yourself on the inside because of anxieties. People with chronic pains are more anxious than those seeking a job.

Chronic Pains make You cancel Plans You thought You wouldn’t
You never thought you would cancel that important event, but you did because of your excruciating pains. This brings anxiety and frustration for failure to fulfill your promise or play your role.

You feel Downhearted when You are accused
You often hear people say “you are too young to be in pain”, but they forget that pain, especially chronic pain, knows no age. Whether you are young or old, you may have chronic pains. But you hear people giving you excuses for your pains and this is so painful; it could also lead to depression.

People with chronic pains show more eagerness than others while waiting for medications. This is true as the best medications being awaited will help the individual get back to work sooner.

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