Things To Know About Your Metabolism

Did you know that the chemical reactions taking place in your body are the reason why you keep living? That gives rise to a reaction in the body of organisms called metabolism. What exactly is metabolism? Metabolism is a biochemical term used in describing the chemicals involved in maintaining the living state of the cells of an organism. In order words, it is a series of chemical processes that occur in a living organism in order to maintain life.

Metabolism is very important to every living being as it helps to convert the fuel in the food we eat into energy needed to do virtually everything, from walking to sleeping, to thinking and growing. All of this process needs metabolism.

There are millions of people searching the internet about the fact of metabolism so that they ensure theirs is working properly. Here are some truths you need to know about your metabolism.

  1. Eating More Protein Boosts Your Metabolism
    Proteins are very important for the body as they help burst out the carbs found in the body of organisms. Therefore, medical experts advise that you eat plenty of protein to balance the level of metabolism in your body.


  1. Your Metabolism Can Be Affected by a Range of Things
    There are so many things in the body of organisms that can affect your metabolism, but you may not know. Some of these things include age, gender, diet, physical activity, and overall lifestyle.


  1. Your Metabolism and Vitamin D
    Many studies have attested to the fact that the intake of vitamin D leads to increased weight loss. So higher levels of vitamin D helps speed up the process of metabolism.


  1. More Muscles Equal Higher Levels of Metabolism
    If you love building muscles, so much the better for you as more muscles increase your levels of metabolism. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), more muscle mass in the body translates to more calories burned.


  1. Green Tea Helps Boost Your Metabolism
    While drinking green tea is associated with so many health benefits, it’s also associated with the maintenance of your metabolism. Two to three (2-3) cups a day will suffice. If you aren’t a lover of green tea, you may switch to taking oolong tea as a substitute.


  1. Increasing Your Intake of Coffee Helps Boost Your Metabolism
    Coffee, like green tea, can help boost your metabolism by up to 11% because of the caffeine it contains. Nevertheless, this is not in agreement with lean people as they are known to be ‘victims’. But if you are on a weight loss plan, drinking coffee will lead to a successful weight loss.


  1. Your Metabolism Can Be Affected by Many Health Conditions
    Many a person finds it difficult to lose weight. This is because their thyroid is very underactive. While for others, they find it difficult to add to their weight. This problem is adduced to their thyroid being overactive. All of this can affect the function of your metabolism.

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