Things to do When You Can’t Sleep Because Your Mind Is Racing

People complain of not getting enough sleep. No one should be deprived sleep as it will affect their well-being. Good night sleep is as important as taking healthy meals and having good exercises.
In fact, doctors always preach to patients the importance of having a good night sleep.

People who don’t get enough sleep have problems remembering or recalling things, events, or details so easily as those who get enough sleep do.
Others, who are deprived of sleep, gain weight later because sleep deprivation affects the way the body process and store carbs; thus, affecting the level of hormones which in turn affects your appetite, always urging you to take in more food than you actually should.
These aren’t the only reasons why you need enough sleep, there are so many untold reasons why man needs to sleep more than he actually should. Those who sleep less have shown to be type 2 diabetic patients. Most humans complain bitterly of being depressed after they are awake. It is not because they’ve probably have developed some diseases, but because of their inability to sleep till the customary hours. Poor sleep is linked to depression.
The body’s immune system is capable of identifying and fighting against bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections. However, it will fail to do so better if an individual doesn’t get quality sleep. If you lack quality sleep, there is a high risk of getting ill more often.

These are some of the ample reasons why you need to get enough sleep. But what can help you do this better when your mind is racing? To answer that question, let’s first understand the term “mind racing”.

When your mind races, it means there are overwhelming repetitive thoughts running in your mind.

These thoughts could be what happened during the day’s activities, it could be financial issues, how to deal with a problem at school, and/or other important issues that should be addressed.  As humans, we tend to think over things, especially when we are at rest. But these thoughts make it extremely difficult for you to sleep sooner. You may be having a racing mind because of anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Even if you have a racing mind, there are things that can help you stop thinking excessive when you are about to have your rest, your quality sleep. Continue reading to find out what science, medical experts have to say about this. First, you have to understand that racing mind is a big sign of insomnia.

  1. Eliminate Stress before Bedtime
    Stress is one of the reasons why people can’t have a good night sleep. Trying to eliminate stress or worries that may come up in the mind before bedtime will work best for you. This you can do by reading or playing around about an hour before bedtime. Whatever discussion that may arouse stress should be put behind bars. Also, electronic devices shouldn’t be introduced during that one hour before going to bed.


  1. Avoid large meals immediately before going to bed
    Meals should be taken a few hours before going to bed. Meals eaten immediately before bedtime make the individual awake. When this happens, there is a tendency that you will have a racing mind during the night, thus cutting down those hours you could have used for sleep.


  1. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine right before Bedtime
    This reason is also similar to #2. Alcohol and caffeine should be discouraged right before bedtime as they don’t make you fall asleep faster.


  1. Go for some chamomile tea
    Studies have shown that taking some chamomile tea before bedtime makes it very easy to fall asleep faster.


  1. Avoid Smoking
    This may seem challenging for smokers. But the truth remains upheld, if you really want to avoid racing mind, you must avoid smoking because smokers are at higher risk of exhibiting insomnia.

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