Things Parents in Other Countries Do That American Parents Find Shocking

So many parents always opt for the best for their children. There are shocking things too, parents in other countries do but aren’t welcome by parents in the United States. For example, most parents in the US don’t find it weird to use disposable diapers. But this act is not commonly accepted in parts of Asia and other parts of the world. There are a lot more things parents in other countries do but American parents find these things weird so much so that they don’t even give a damn to them.

  1. British Parents Don’t Feel Weird When Their Kids Watch TV
    Parents in the UK don’t think it’s dangerous to allow their kids to watch TV programs or play video games. They find this act to be completely normal than the American parents who, although, give their kids the time to watch TV programs or play video games, feel guilt when they allow their kids to do that American parents say they feel hurt whenever they give every opportunity to the child to be left alone watching some TV programs.


  1. Bragging — A Less Common Act in the UK
    While American parents love to brag about their kids’ successes, British parents don’t feel it’s cool bragging about their kids, especially to hurt the feelings of others. Granted, it’s good to brag about your kid’s success. However, bragging to make others view themselves as not worthy isn’t something British parents love doing.


  1. British Women Pay Attention to their Doctors More Than Others
    According to a report from BBC America, American women will always seek the advice of friends and other professional experts to be sure of what they have been told by their doctor, pregnant British women tale more seriously the words of their doctors.


  1. Finnish Parents Send Their Kids to School at age 7
    Like all parents in the globe, American parents want their kids to excel in school. But to them, getting started at the earlier stage of life is just the best time. American parents get their kids off home as early as age 5, but this is not with Finnish parents — who allow their kids to get to school only when their 7 years of age. Which do you prefer, getting your child at school as American parents do or the latter?


  1. The Manner of Greeting Differs
    While in America parents and adults find it extremely comfortable when kids greet them simply by saying “Hello” or “Hi”, Italian parents impress upon their kids that they are hugely accepted if they greet by hugging, kissing, and rubbing their palm on the back of the person in question.


  1. Sleep-Training Baby is A Custom
    In all honesty, different parents have different styles of sleep-training their kids. But most parents in the US don’t pamper kids to that extent—they would rather the kid cried out until they are used to being in their own bed. Also, while most parents love side-sleeping with their kids and comfort them when they cry, most American parents jettison the idea.


  1. Danish Parents Allow Kids to Play Unsupervised
    According to research, free play — alone or with friends — aims at teaching kids to be less anxious, more pliant, thus improving their social skills. This, in turn as they grow up, leads to self-control. This is not common in the US — where parents don’t allow kids to play unsupervised.


  1. The Issue of Diapers Shocks American Parents
    American parents will proudly tell you that they love keeping their kids in diapers up to age 3. Parents in other parts of the world don’t vent into using diapers for their kids, let alone for years. Rather, they prefer to rely on their kid’s body language to know when they want to pee and defecate. But an American parent finds this act shocking. In reality, could you imagine all the money spent on diapers alone for a kid for more than two years?

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