These Are the Hidden Dangers of Having Eyelash Extension

These Are the Hidden Dangers of Having Eyelash Extension

Every lady wants to look so pretty by extending the eyelashes from natural to synthetic. In all honesty, it makes them look very attractive.

They are much better than the mascara women were used to. Some women, when interviewed, said that they preferred the extension of eyelashes to the mascara they were used to. Why did they say this? According to them, when mascara is left without washing them off before leaving for bed, it causes the lashes to fall off. In fact, some are petroleum-based, slowing the growth of hair follicles.

But, there is something missing we did not understand until now- the grim danger of having eyelash extension. It is said that “to everything that has an advantage, there is always an equal and opposite disadvantage.” Indeed, there is an opposite disadvantage of fixing extra eyelashes. A doctor of eye surgery has come up to explain the dangers of having the eyelashes extended.

One doctor who operates in the Orlando Eye institute’s Dry Eye Help Centre, Dr. Keshini Parbhu explained how glued lashes on an individual attract mites. This is experienced particularly if the lashes are not properly cleaned.

A woman called Ashley in the United States described her ordeal to Channel 9. She stated that she had problems with her eyes- they were swelling and that made her feel irritated after she had visited her favourite salon severally.

She knew that she couldn’t struggle with the problematic issue anymore, and as such, she visited her doctor- Dr. Parbhu. After explaining her ordeal to her, Dr. Parbhu gave her a stomach-repellant diagnosis.

The doctor discovered that Ashley lashes were infected with Demodex- tiny mites living in or near hair follicles of humans.

Dr. Parbhu said: “They burrow to the base of the lash follicles, and they feed off this material. Infection can set in if they overpopulate.”

The danger, during a discovery, lies either with salons that do not carefully clean their tools or with those who do not completely detach their eye make-up.

But Dr. Parbhu did not just leave us with the dangers; she advises those who love eyelash extension to use medical-grade cleansers containing tea tree oil. Tea tree oil or melaleuca has been proven to have very powerful effects since it acts as antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, and as an antimicrobial substance.

The tea tree oil.

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