The Ins and Outs of Facial Mud

Everybody wants to look younger and shining. And we all think the best ways to incorporate the art is by going for synthetically made products. However, history has shown that even the most commonized things can work greater wonders more than we thought. This is where the use of facial mud comes in. Do you think no facial mud can really make your body rejuvenate and glowing? Then you have to think back and make adequate research so that you will have accurate knowledge about these natural and vibrant ingredients that can actually bring your beauty back in no time.

Here are some imperative reasons why you ought to choose facial muds (or clays). Furthermore, we will examine clays that are best to help cleanse the skin.

Why You Should Choose Facial Mud

The use of clay for medicinal purposes can be dated back to 60 B.C, where people back then, including Aristotle, used it as a medicine to help solve their skin problems. Today, with the help of science, we have been able to understand more fully why it was used back then and why it’s advised that people vent into it. Because we are more than ever exposed to environmental pollutants, toxins, and stress, it is of paramount importance to search for a natural, easy-to-use substance without adverse side effects to help us get rid of toxins and other dangerous substances from the skin. Clay mask helps draw out the impurities from the skin. If you have acne-prone skin, you probably want to know if a clay mask can really help. Of course, it can because of its rich minerals and other antioxidants.

At this juncture, let us delve into some important clay masks. If you have acne-prone skin, this article is also addressing you. So don’t trade the chance of getting acne out in no time without spending much.

  1. Bentonite Clay
    This is one of the best-known clays ever in human history. The clay contains rich ingredients, such as magnesium, sodium, silica, and iron. It is of volcanic origin. If you are suffering from acne because of the excess sebum present in the skin, you do well to consider this clay as part of your weekly ritual. Not only does it get rid of your excess oily face, but it can also help fix your bacterial or fungus problems, helping to improve digestion. In addition, because of the minerals present, this clay gets rid of inflammation as quickly as possible, provided you apply it as recommended.
  • Fuller’s Earth Clay
    The Indian name for this clay is Multani mitti. Fuller’s earth clay is made from iron oxides, lime, and water. It is one of the most powerful clays on earth. Research has shown that it helps to remove scars from the skin. If you are becoming dark or your initial color is fading away, fuller’s earth clay can help get your complexion back. Too much oil on the skin is not good since it can increase the risk of inflammation and disease. You probably have tried different artificial substances to help you get rid of oil but they don’t work. However, it is not the same as the clay. It has other numerous health benefits which can’t be mentioned here.
  • French Green Clay
    All natural clays have one purpose—to remove impurities—and French green clay is not different. It has been used for years by many cultures as a detoxifying agent. Because of the minerals it contains, French green clay is one of the best absorbent clays since it sucks excess oils. Its green color sprang from the amount of plant material decomposed and the presence of iron oxides.
  • Moroccan Rhassoul Clay
    This clay has magnetic properties which makes the toxins present in the body to pull out. Those who have blackheads are solely advised to try this clay as it promises to get rid of those black scars in no time. How is this possible? The clay is negatively charged and the toxins in the skin of humans are positively charged. When it is applied on the skin, it magnets the toxins present (which are positively charged) so much so that no blackheads and sebum plugs can be found.
  • Kaolin Clay
    The most gentle of all clays is the kaolin clay. It is rich in so many nutrients and thus, useful for those who have skin problem without causing redness on the skin. If you have insect bites on the skin, you are advised to also use the clay to heal the bites of insects.

Those are just 5 best mud masks for healthy skin. These masks perform many wonders more than the artificial products you think are best for your skin.

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