The Best Birth Control for You Now

Birth control is one best way to reduce overpopulation and unwanted pregnancies in society. That is why birth control methods are a very good idea. However, sticking to the same method throughout the years is not thoroughly advisable. Rather, your pills should be able to fit your lifestyle and health. While there are several methods or contraceptives of controlling birth available today, there are others considered best for you right now.

The methods of birth control can be divided into approximately five.

  1. Hormonal Methods
    These methods work by mimicking the natural hormones (estrogens and progesterone or progesterone only) of the body of a woman. There are different types of hormonal methods, and these include:
    A. Hormonal Implant
    The insertion of a small rod underneath the skin of a woman by a medical practitioner to help her prevent pregnancy. It is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.
    B. The Hormonal Pills
    These are small tablets that contain hormone-mimicking substances which need to be swallowed by the woman at the same time every day.


  1. Non-Hormonal/Barrier Methods
    Apart from birth control options which contain hormones, there are other effective methods which are affordable. These methods are known as non-hormonal or barrier methods.
    A. Female Condom
    Sheath placed inside the vaginal of a woman before she engages in sexual intercourse.
    B. Male Condom
    It is a latex material a man fixes into the penis before having sex with a woman.
    C. Spermicides
    These are sperm-killing chemicals in forms of creams. Spermicides may be used with condoms. This is extra protection given to the woman.


  1. Intrauterine Device (IUD)
    This is a small device in a T-shape form inserted into a woman’s uterus by a doctor, nurse, or midwife.


  1. Natural Methods
    This method is sub-grouped into: Abstinence, Withdrawal, and Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). All of these require that both partners come to an agreement.
    A. Abstinence involves avoiding sexual contact of any sort, which especially involves no penis-to-vagina contact at all. This method is not easy but others find it easy at some points in their life.
    B. Withdrawal involves the pulling of the penis out of the vaginal before it ejaculates.


The Best Birth Control Methods

The best methods which have been proven to control births is abstinence from sexual intercourse. This is the only 100% certain method to avoid pregnancy because there is not a minute probability that the sperm will get into the vaginal, leading to fertilization.

However, if you desire to have sexual intercourse, the best methods you could employ are:
Contraceptive Implant
Birth control or contraceptive implant is the insertion of a small plastic rod beneath the skin of a woman by a doctor, nurse, or midwife. It’s designed to release progestogen (a hormone) into the bloodstream so as to prevent pregnancy. This method lasts for 3 years. This method is 99% effective and once inserted, you need not create anxieties until the 4th year.


Intrauterine Device (IUD)
This is a small, flexible T-shaped device wrapped in copper placed in the womb of a woman by her health care provider which lasts for 5-10 years and 99% effective.

Other hormonal contraceptives such as the pills, vaginal ring, the patch, male and female condoms are also very effective as they help prevent and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and cancer.

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