Taking Your Bath Frequently Is Dangerous To Your Health

Taking Your Bath Frequently Is Dangerous To Your Health

Showers are not really to be excessive as they are capable of reducing the skin hydration, thus making it dry and cracked- experts issued a warning. They said that a cracked skin accommodated pathogenic micro-organisms in the body of humans since taking a bath removes the skin of non-pathogenic micro-organisms which are meant to give adequate support to the immune system.

These bacteria (non-pathogenic) act like a protective wall against harmful bacteria. They also keep out toxins from chemical soaps, perfumes, and other care products we use daily.

Assistant professor of dermatology at the University of George Washington, Dr. Brandon Mitchell says that showering removes the skin of its natural oils, capable of destroying the non-harmful bacteria that give support to the body’s immune system. “A daily shower isn’t necessary”, he says.

He advises that people who wish to shower daily should only do so if they feel their skin is healthy and at the same time, hydrated.

“Focusing on areas such as their armpits, groins, and buttocks is only necessary,” he added.

The most important of all, as stated by an expert of infectious disease, Dr. Elaine Larson, is that people should give more attention to the washing of their hands and the cleaning of their clothes, which are mainly responsible for dead skin cells as doing these would help reduce the risk of getting infected.

The residents of a remote village in Amazon were analyzed by a group of researchers from the University of Utah.

The results of the analysis recommended that such people have “the highest diversity of bacteria and genetic functions ever reported in a human group.”

In their conclusion, the scientists said westerners are “excessively clean”, and this affects their population of pathogenic micro-organisms.

But, they left a very important part out- they did not mention exactly how frequently individuals should be bathing.

However, the fact which they have been able to establish is that bathing daily makes the skin dry and cracked. It also makes your hair frizzy, as well as destroying the non-pathogenic micro-organisms.

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