Laptop keyboard not working? Here’s how to fix it in no time

Every component of a laptop altogether makes it a laptop – including the laptop keyboard. A laptop keyboard is an essential characteristic of a laptop. However, when it is... Read more »

What is HIV Remission? What Does this Mean for a Cure?

The word “remission” springs from the verb “to remit”. Remission means the ability to leave a disease-free lifestyle having stopped taking treatment. Therefore, the term “HIV Remission” is used... Read more »

Common Myths about the Common Cold

Even with the advances in medicines we have had, we are still bombarded with myths about the common cold. People still hold some misconceptions about what triggers, prevent, and... Read more »

Home Remedies for Head Colds

There are different health conditions the human race battles daily. These health conditions have put the health of virtually every human being in one state of physical jeopardy or... Read more »

Home Remedies for Cold

The immune system gets depressed to some degree by cold weather. A cold is an illness caused by a tiny, living thing (organism) called a virus. There are many... Read more »

Alcohol Causes Bad Breath – Researchers Claim

Since the health of people is very paramount to medical researchers, they are always issuing warnings against the wrong path of life, with bad breath being one of the... Read more »

Cancer ‘Vaccine’ Which Cured 97% of Tumors in Mice Will Soon Be Tested On Humans

A vaccine of cancer which was repeatedly tested to cure 97 percent of blood tumours in mice will have its test on humans later this year. The vaccine is... Read more »
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