Smoking Cannabis Just 5 Times a Day as a Teenager Increases the Risk of Psychosis

According to new research, the smoking of cannabis 5 times as a teenager increases the risk of psychosis. Well, you may ask what a ‘cannabis’ is if the word... Read more »

In 10 Years, Alzheimer’s disease Will Be as Controllable as HIV

Have you ever asked what this disease is? What do you know about Alzheimer’s disease or Alzheimer’s? This is a disease that causes brain disorder by gradually destroying a... Read more »

Throat Cancer Stages Everyone Should Know

Determining the stage of throat cancer is the final thing to consider before discussions about treatment options are initiated. Doctors in the United States have used the AJCC Staging... Read more »

Throat Cancer Survival Rate

Throat cancer, also medically known as Laryngeal cancer is a general condition relating to cancer of the pharynx (the tube that starts from behind the nose ends in the... Read more »
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