Here’s How Treating Obesity and Depression at the Same Time Can Help

Everybody cares so much about their health. That is why we all want to do our best to ensure we are obesity-free because it is a chronic disease that,... Read more »

Medication Not Perfect Treatment for Mental Heal Issues

A report which deals with the mental health of people has called on the Irish health service providers to bring to absolute diminishment the dependence on prescribed drugs or... Read more »

Man with Three Faces is Recipient of World’s First Successful Transplant

The first man in the world to have received two face transport, Jerome Hamon, underwent his first face transplant surgery in 2010, in Paris so that he could get... Read more »

Immunotherapy Is the Biggest Cancer Killer in the World

Reports from doctors on Monday suggest that immune therapy drugs are capable of transforming lung cancer, thus able to provide patients with years of extra lifespan. In their findings,... Read more »

Twin Sisters Who Battled ‘Debilitating’ OCD Died In A Double Suicide

Two sisters, Sara and Amanda Eldritch who suffered from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder commonly known as OCD were reported dead in what the police called ‘double suicide’. The twin sisters, 33,... Read more »

Why bosses shouldn’t deny their workers afternoon naps

According to one expert, employees should not be denied afternoon naps at work today so as to compensate them for lost sleep. The study’s lead author a psychologist, Nerina... Read more »

5 Best Treatments for Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is a mass or development of unusual tissues in your brain or next to your brain. Findings have revealed that varied types of brain tumor exist.... Read more »
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