Smoking Cannabis Just 5 Times a Day as a Teenager Increases the Risk of Psychosis

According to new research, the smoking of cannabis 5 times as a teenager increases the risk of psychosis. Well, you may ask what a ‘cannabis’ is if the word... Read more »

Babies who look like their Dads Are Healthier

Babies who look like dads are healthier than those who look like mums, new study reveals, and some mothers may not feel happy about this since these kids wouldn’t... Read more »

3 things you must not talk about on the first date

A lot of guys out there always goof on their first date; the reason is not far-fetched, though. There is always this pressure to be open, funny, witty and... Read more »

Why You Should Never Date a Friend’s Ex

Every lady has a picture of her dream man, you expect him to be hot, sexy, tall and charming, and sometime, you wouldn’t even mind if it’s your friend’s... Read more »
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