Babies who look like their Dads Are Healthier

Babies who look like dads are healthier than those who look like mums, new study reveals, and some mothers may not feel happy about this since these kids wouldn’t... Read more »

3 Reasons Former Inmates Make Great Entrepreneurs

Former Inmates are probably one of the society’s most stigmatized persons, and it’s easy to see why. Their dirty past has placed a benchmark to what they can become... Read more »

5 Easy Steps for Launching a Venture that Will Fail

Today’s investors are always reluctant to invest their money in entrepreneurs or business venture that hasn’t tasted failure. Their belief is fueled by the fact that failure humbles and... Read more »

5 Top Attributes Shared by Young Millionaires

Being a millionaire has never come on the cheap perhaps that’s why very few people ever achieve such giant strides. While many businessmen and entrepreneurs work tons of hours... Read more »

Should I Borrow Money To Start My Business?

This was a question that was posed to me today by someone who was planning to venture into a business. And I was quick to tell him that he... Read more »
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