Why are Vitamins Important for Your Kids?

How much is too much? Or do you think your kids do not need enough vitamins because they are still kids? Don’t you think it is important you incorporate... Read more »


One of the things you can’t do without while at the cinema is popcorn. You eat a lot of this snack but you’ve now heard that it’s really dangerous... Read more »

What’s Really the Difference Between Viral vs. Bacterial Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a very challenging disease that can devastate the life of an individual. It is an acute or chronic inflammation of one or both lungs caused by fungal,... Read more »

Signs it’s more serious than the Common Cold

You’ve got that illness by a tiny, living organism without a well-defined nucleus. You think the illness is the common cold you are used to because your immune system... Read more »

Sickle Cell Crisis Triggers

Coping with a sickle cell disease or sickle cell anemia is not easy at all; it is very difficult to cope with the condition. When your red blood cells... Read more »

Video: Smokers’ Lungs and Healthy Persons’ Lungs

Even though people understand absolutely that smoking is extremely dangerous to their health, they won’t stop smoking since they don’t see the negative effects it has on their health.... Read more »
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