Babies who look like their Dads Are Healthier

Babies who look like dads are healthier than those who look like mums, new study reveals, and some mothers may not feel happy about this since these kids wouldn’t... Read more »

4 Behaviors Ladies Put Up To A Man They Don’t Like

It’s common knowledge that ladies have their preferences and class of men they get easily attracted to. A man who falls short of their so-called expectations is looked down... Read more »

Things you never do on a first date

Planning your first date can be extremely difficult, this should be expected, though, because, at this point, you know little or nothing about the person you are on a... Read more »

Interesting conversations that will spice your relationship

The myriads of things you can talk about in a new and thriving relationship are quite endless, there seems to be no end to the conversations you can have... Read more »

How to handle long distance relationships

Very few people can handle the rigors of long distance relationships. How one guy handles his long distant relationship is different from the way another handles his. Read more »

What every guy needs to build a happy relationship

We all have this dream of a happy relationship, one with no sad tale, where there is happiness and more happiness. Just as people learn the secrets of success... Read more »

3 Ways to Get A Girlfriend

Being single can sometimes get frustrating for a lot of guys out there, what a lot of guys really do not understand is that the dating game is really... Read more »
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