Here’s How Treating Obesity and Depression at the Same Time Can Help

Everybody cares so much about their health. That is why we all want to do our best to ensure we are obesity-free because it is a chronic disease that,... Read more »

What is HIV Remission? What Does this Mean for a Cure?

The word “remission” springs from the verb “to remit”. Remission means the ability to leave a disease-free lifestyle having stopped taking treatment. Therefore, the term “HIV Remission” is used... Read more »


How would you feel if you are told you have breast cancer? It’s natural for you to wonder what may have caused the disease. While the exact cause of... Read more »

Here Are The Healthiest Sweeteners On The Market

Sweeteners are sugar substitutes that provide an individual with a sweet taste like that of sugar but are known as zero-calories. While there are so many sweeteners in the... Read more »

Symptoms of OCD Most People Don’t Know

Most times, you hear people say they have OCD. But have you thought of the meaning of that acronym? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder that... Read more »

What’s Really the Difference Between Viral vs. Bacterial Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a very challenging disease that can devastate the life of an individual. It is an acute or chronic inflammation of one or both lungs caused by fungal,... Read more »

What is Malaria Fever?

Malaria is a serious disease that brings about, in most cases, fever paroxysm. It affects millions of Africans and Asians. Malaria fever is also reported in parts of the... Read more »
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