What Happens After Cheating In A Relationship

Have you or your partner ever thought of cheating before? You are not alone because research has shown that infidelity rate is as high as 60 -70 percent nowadays.... Read more »

How to Create a Balance between Your Friends and Your Relationship

Finding the perfect balance between your friends and your partner in a relationship can be quite difficult, especially when your relationship is new and it seems like you and... Read more »

3 Rules of Easy Breakups

Nobody ever wants breakups, but then you have to expect it so you can stay strong even after breaking up. Read more »

Why women don’t date good guys

The women ultimate desire is to have a boyfriend who is smart, sensitive and emotionally caring. Yet very few women will settle for nice guys, their dating preference is... Read more »

Interesting conversations that will spice your relationship

The myriads of things you can talk about in a new and thriving relationship are quite endless, there seems to be no end to the conversations you can have... Read more »

How to manage a breakup

No one can quantify the pain that results from heartbreak, it can’t be described, this articles will show you how to manage a breakup. When a relationship ends, questions... Read more »

What every guy needs to build a happy relationship

We all have this dream of a happy relationship, one with no sad tale, where there is happiness and more happiness. Just as people learn the secrets of success... Read more »
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