This Thing Called Pain

Throughout history, living healthy is the major concern of man. Everybody wants to live a healthy life. But to our surprise, something poses a threat to our health. Just... Read more »


In America, more than half appraise the legalization of marijuana. But there are different speculations as to whether it is normal or ideal for our health, especially to pregnant... Read more »

Why Do My Hands Go Numb When I Sleep?

When you feel numbness in your hands, it means you are unable to feel anything. And sometimes, you experience pins-and-needles sensations in that particular hand or usually both hands.... Read more »

How to Control Anger: Top Tips to Help You Stay Calm

As humans, we don’t just get angry because we are not animals which cannot think. Anger is often used as a protective measure or reaction aimed at covering up... Read more »

Can Young People Have Alcohol Use Disorder?

It is no longer shocking news that young people today don’t drink responsibly. In fact, underage—especially in the U.S—have indulged in drinking alcohol than recommended. The problem is fast-alarming.... Read more »

Symptoms of OCD Most People Don’t Know

Most times, you hear people say they have OCD. But have you thought of the meaning of that acronym? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder that... Read more »

Sore Throat Threatening the Lives of Rwandans

Imagine a situation where you are forced to believe that one of your close friends at age 18, who is not married, is pregnant. But, the truth was later... Read more »
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