Sweet Ways to Tell Your Man You Love Him

Sweet Ways to Tell Your Man You Love Him

Guys can be goal driven that it may sound like they don’t appreciate the way you love them. But trust me, they do! You can take this to a whole new level by looking for cute, out-of-the-box ways to expressing your feelings and emotion for your man.

Trust me; this would grab his attention better than a bank alert. Find out sassy, mind blowing cute things to wow your man, and you would own his undying love and affection till death do you part. Below are cute phrases to get him to fall madly in love with you:

 “Hey Handsome”

Listen to me ladies!! Not everyone would throw these kinds of phrase at your man; the best he gets is a cute “hello”. Throw him this phrase every now and then, and watch the affection he lavishes on you. Trust me men want awesome, flirty comments just like women do.

 “I love you like oxygen.”

This might look absurd to some people, but trust me; it works and sends the perfect message to your man. This is because the word I love you might sometimes lose its value because of frequent usage. Hence, these sorts of catchy phrases will surely get his attention.Sweet Ways to Tell Your Man You Love Him

 “I had the best dream about you”

Girl you need to go whatever length it takes you to get his attention and love. Throwing this phrase at him would make him know that you are definitely thinking of him, even when you are going about your business.

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