Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep

Sleep is very essential to every human; no one can deny this fact.
As stated in the first article about this important topic, sleep is the natural condition of the body and mind which usually recurs for several hours every night, wherein the eyes are closed, the postural muscles relax, and consciousness practically suspended.

We’ve had cases where people complain that they don’t have a good night rest after the day’s activities. This is very true. It could be that these people are distracted by their electronic gadgets, their sleep patterns are erratic, taking too much caffeine late in the day, drinking too much alcohol late in the night, or not exercising enough. It could even be that the room temperature isn’t at the normal, the light in the room isn’t dark enough to allow you sleep, your medications are a reason behind that, or you took too heavy meals too late at night.

As humans, we need good sleep. Sleep is one of the reasons why people live longer, as proven by science. There are so many health benefits of having a good sleep, which will be discussed shortly.

Benefits of Sleep

  1. Sleep Helps Improve Your Memory
    Have you ever wondered why you learn something better when you’re awake? People may want to learn something new, like learning a new language or skill and they put much effort as soon as possible. But the truth is that they learn it better as soon they sleep and are awake because that’s when the brain is at rest and will be more active as soon as you are awake. When you sleep, you may think that the whole body is in total shutdown. But, this is when your body starts to reexamine and reorganize memories from the day. The ability of a person to do better is associated with their quality of sleep.



  1. Sleep Helps Reduce Stress
    You get to work the next. But instead of being active, you are stressed out. This is because you didn’t have a good night rest. The moment the body doesn’t get enough sleep, it produces an elevated level of stress hormones.



  1. Sleep Helps Reduce the Risk Of Diabetes
    There are a lot of diabetic patients in today’s world. Virtually every one of them would tell you that it’s as a result of the sugar they consume. But taking a look at it, every human needs sugar to survive and you may be surprised to find out that they don’t even consume more than the needed sugar. The fact of the matter is that they don’t have enough sleep.
    Researchers have discovered Type 2 diabetes to be associated with sleep deficiency.



  1. Sleep Helps Improve Your Grades
    A study which was conducted 9 years ago says that children between 10-16 years of age who have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea and snoring will have problems with attention and learning. Cognitive performance such as focus, attention, and alertness could be affected if sleep is affected. This fact gives an ample reason why students who feel tired during class activities get their minds wandering and become easily distracted from the task at hand.



  1. Reduces the Chances of Headache
    A headache is one of the most common health issues virtually everyone complains about. Having a sound night sleep will help cut the chances of headaches.



  1. Sleep Is Linked to Inflammation

The human immune system is the body’s protective wall against inflammation. But it needs enough sleep for it to keep fighting against these entire nuisances that will cause you to become ill in no time. Having a good sleep helps the body to produce extra protein molecules which are always ready to fight against inflammations, such as cancer, heart disease.



  1. Good Sleep Equals Weight Maintenance
    Lack of sleep makes you hungrier and this triggers the hormones which control appetite that something is needed. When this happens, there is always a certainty that you will look for something to eat, especially calories to consume. This is where the problem comes in. If you really want to maintain your weight, quality sleep is needed.



  1. With Quality Sleep, You Are Assured More Smartness
    Granted, intelligence is determined by genes. But other factors, too, play a vital role as the genes. Sleep is one of the most important factors that play an important role in your being smart or intelligent. Being super creative, being a winner, being more attentive all depend on the brain capacity of being effective and productive. And this depends on the quality of your sleep.

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