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It seems like many ladies are returning to natural hair. Note that I used returning because that’s where we all started from.

I do not think that it is very much of a big deal as it is made to be. To me, whether natural hair or relaxed hair, it is all about hair and hair is beautiful when properly looked after…

So, for the ladies with natural hair, here are two things to note that will help you style your hair:

Hair accessories – Hair’s accessories go a long way to make the hair look better. Bows, head bands, ruffles and hair decorative flowers are some of the accessories I see used on natural hair a lot these days. Somehow, these accessories give the natural hair a desired classy effect and once the hair is properly done, the accessory helps to make any outfit pop.

Moisture – I remember growing up, I was told many times not to let water touch my hair but as one who has natural hair, I discovered that water is my hair’s friend! Water helps me manage my hair easily. In order to style or comb my hair painlessly, I spritz water into my hair. Whether I have a protective style on or not, I spritz with water regularly. Although my spritz bottle contains oils mixed with the water. I put in 20% oil and 80% water. The water keeps my scalp moisturised, while the oil in it gives the hair a shine. All this adds up also to keep your hair healthy.


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