Strange and Fascinating Food Jobs You Never Knew Existed

You may be surprised to know that some people fill the vacuum you can’t and will never dare fill. There is another trendy news– strange food industries employing individuals from different backgrounds to work for them on a short or long-time basis. “This is weird!” you may say, right? But the truth is that those who are employed to work for these companies are well paid, they even enjoy working with the company and advertising their products wherever they are.

Their working for these employers doesn’t make them fools as they are well paid and the job is virtually stress-free– though not always. While there are a lot of people who aren’t satisfied with their jobs, and a number of those who are receiving a low pay, anyone working in a weird food company is satisfied, super knowledgeable, and always incredibly excited to share their expertise with others who may want to know about them.

I am about to share with you some of the strange and fascinating food jobs you never knew existed. Knowing about them will surely shape your idea.

  1. Food Stylist
    No doubts, well-prepared meals are the most sought after meals. Meals that taste better are the ones everyone would love to eat. However, a food stylist doesn’t just prepare meals that taste better– because he is a culinary professional whose job is to prepare food for photography– they work so hard to prepare the most photogenic meals on magazines or the social media.


  1. Chewing Gum Chewers
    This could sound so strange but it is a real and satisfying job, depending on the companies that employ If you constantly love chewing gums, this job is the perfect one for you. Companies like Cadbury get professionals paid for chewing the gums they’ve manufactured– helping them see if the table of the market would hold in their favour– by giving them insight on the best flavours to use.


  1. Dog Food Taster

As animals, do we deserve bad or rotten foods? No! This is true in the case of dogs; they need quality food, food that tastes better and germ-             free. This is why you need to employ someone to get this job done for you. In fact, in the United States, it is one of the fast-growing jobs.



  1. Stunt Tester
    As weird as this job seems to be, it pays more than you imagined. If you have probably watched X-Factor where people challenge one another to eat live bugs or insects of any kind, then you probably are familiar with these individuals employed by companies to do this seemingly crazy job for them. Stunt testers try terrible foods so that no one gets hurt except them. For this reason, they are highly esteemed and well paid for their job well-done.



  1. Fish Scalers
    Fish scalers do the dirty job after the fish are caught and before they get to the fishmonger. This messy job requires a strong hand taster and a good waste management system.



  1. Chicken Sexer
    This job may seem very weird because of the word ‘sexer’. However, a chicken sexer is one whose job is to separate or distinguish the sex of chicken. Large commercial companies employ these people with the goal of helping male and female lines for breeding purposes so that they can manufacture specific poultry which can be sold for consumption.



  1. Mushroom Tasters
    Another lucrative job you may not have come across or you feel weird thinking about is the one mentioned above. Since mushroom is in higher demand these days, companies get professionals (mycologists) employed so as to taste which mushroom would be the best to sell to restaurants and individual consumers because not all mushrooms are good for eating, as some are toxic and infectious.



Why don’t you think of venturing into one of these lucrative jobs? They pay well and you will enjoy working under any company that employs you. But before then, you need to ask yourself if you’ve got the knowledge and skills needed to serve the public better.

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