So You Want to Be Your Own Boss…

So You Want to Be Your Own Boss...

Have you ever desired to start your own business, but don’t just know where to start from. Not to worry, there are lots of entrepreneurs just like you out there who were once at the point you are today.

To become your own boss, all you will need is a motivation, drive, and strategy to bring your dreams to reality. Easier said than done right? Wait till you read this article and you will understand just what I mean. Below is a list of tips that will help you achieve your dreams of becoming your own boss:

Take a Stand for Yourself

I call this the self-realization phase, where you become totally dissatisfied with situations around you and accept that it is your responsibility to change situations you don’t like.  Always remember that change begins with you, as such you must stop blaming the government, your parent or friends for your present predicament. Decide to be successful no matter the odds, and you will see things falling in place.

Identify the Right Business for You

Before you launch any business, do a self-appraisal and find out the kind of business you love and can easily give your 100 percent time and money to build. Building a business that is not designed for your kind of person is like writing an exam you know you will fail; the end is better imagined than experienced. My advice is that you should build a business around your passion, and you can do this in three ways

  • Endeavor to do what you know best based on your experience and leverage on it
  • Do what others are doing by learning about other businesses you find interesting and apply the strategies such business applied
  • Identify a gap in the market, and build a business around such opportunities. If your business can solve people’s problems then they will have no problems paying you for your products or services.

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Business Planning Improves Your Chances for Success

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses today have no idea how important a business plan is, little wonder why many businesses often fail at startup. A business plan is totally good for your business, it would determine how far and successful your business will be. Investors are only willing to stake their money in a viable business, and only a well-written business plan can convey such message to your investor. Also, a business plan keeps you focused on achieving your business goals, actions, and strategies.

Understand Your Personal Finances and Choose the Right Kind of Money You Need for Your Business

As an entrepreneur, your understanding of finance and how you can manage it is very important. This is because it takes money to run a business, hence you must differentiate between personal cash and business cash, and also how you will plow back profit from your business. Consequently, when drafting your business plan you must decide whether you want to establish a small scale or large scale business depending on the capital you have available.

Build a Support Network

It’s one thing to launch a business, and another to grow it.  Growing your business will involve taking some steps and actions; one of such action is to build a support network by connecting with supporters, customers and investors on various social media platforms. Hence you must take advantage of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat etc. by registering your business under these platforms.

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