Smoking Cannabis Just 5 Times a Day as a Teenager Increases the Risk of Psychosis

Smoking Cannabis Just 5 Times a Day as a Teenager Increases the Risk of Psychosis

According to new research, the smoking of cannabis 5 times as a teenager increases the risk of psychosis.

Well, you may ask what a ‘cannabis’ is if the word is new to you. A cannabis, as defined by the Oxfords Advanced Learners dictionary, is a drug (hard drug) made from dried leaves and flowers or resins of the hemp plant, which is smoked or eaten and . . . . It went further to say that the use of this drug is illegal.

But, why is this ‘illegal?’ It is illegal because it is associated with many health problems experienced. In fact, scientists have revealed that smoking this hard drug is very dangerous to health in that it increases the risk of psychosis. The findings, which were led by  Finnish researchers, gave an absolutely concrete proof that shows cannabis push some people to the point of committing suicide.

Also, the University of Oulu scientists revealed that the earlier someone begins smoking the drug, the more likely they are to develop psychosis.


The study was carried out by having more than 6,000 volunteers, who were tracked from their 15th birthday until they turned 30. This was done to assess their risk of the condition. According to the study, an estimate of about one percent of the population suffer as a result of psychosis, which leads to delusions, and severe distress.

An analysis, which involved Annti Mustonen ( a Ph.D. student), showed a link between smoking cannabis and later developing psychosis.


According to a research which was conducted in July 2017, when an occasional user of marijuana indulges every day in this hard drug, it increases the risk of psychosis (up to 159 percent). The research also adds that when this substance is frequently abused, it makes the user put on behaviors that are not socially acceptable.

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