Signs He Is Trying To Figure Out If You Fancy Him

Signs He Is Trying To Figure Out If You Fancy Him

Not every guy out there has the guts to walk straight to a girl and ask for her number or better still ask her out. Some guys take the road less traveled by many.

I wouldn’t blame them though, some guys out there lack the confidence and impetus to ask any girl out- where they resort to sending signals and praying you take notice. This path works for guys who are shy or scared of rejection and who employ this tactics to know if a lady is interested in them before making the actual move. He could be trying to figure out if you are into him via the following gestures:

He offers you a ride to places all the time

This is one of the dominant signals dished out by guys who are interested in a lady and are just too shy to ask them out explicitly. They will offer to drive you anywhere so long it gives them the opportunity to be around you. While this looks like a kind gesture, you must realize he is trying to know if you are also into him.

He offers you his jacket/coat when you’re coldSigns He Is Trying To Figure Out If You Fancy Him

This is a tried and trusted way of wooing a woman or getting her attention. Guys who do this are sending a message. The recipient lady’s interpretation might be that the guy is being nice. However when the guy acts like this especially when it was not solicited, the  chances are that he likes you and he is trying to find out if you are into him.

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