Signs That You Are A workaholic

Success involves hard work, no doubt. In fact, there is simply no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving success. However, there are certain individuals who, though they love their work, compulsively work excessively because they feel compelled to. These individuals work most of the time and find it difficult to stop. Today’s world is covered with digitalism — where virtually everyone is given the opportunity to work from anywhere, anytime. Are you among others who are swaddled in the term — workaholism? Well, there are signs to examine which will show if you are a workaholic or otherwise.
  1. You’re the First to Arrive and the Last to leave the Office
    Without dispute, punctuality is the soul of business. To be successful in your business, punctuality plays a big role. There is nothing wrong if you work for the growth of the company. But when you are always in constant touch with your office, then you can be said to be a workaholic.
  • Taking a Holiday is a No-No
    You derive great joy in your work and so taking a holiday is ruled out because it seems to be something of little importance. Even when you take the holiday, your mobile device doesn’t allow you to be off work; you still feel strongly entrenched in rolling over your Smartphone every now and then. You barely look at what others are doing right even right in front of you because you are attached to your Smartphone. You probably have developed Smartphone attachment disorder (SAD).
  • Your Family Time is Almost Ruled Out
    Time for work and family should be put in place. The members of your family, especially your wife (or husband), complain a lot that you don’t spend quality time with them as you should.
  • Even though you are not at work, Your mind is
    Does your mind always wander to work subjects while you are expected to be engaged in activities you find yourself in at the moment? Instead of letting your mind to be where you are, it’s far from there.
  • You Find it Difficult to have a Good Sleep
    Workaholics pretend to have healthy sleep while in reality, they are unknowingly jeopardizing it. Admittedly, you want to sleep but your phone is constantly placed beside you emitting that blue light. That doesn’t do you any good as experts say that the blue light emitted from your phone disrupts your sleep — which is very dangerous to your health.
  • You Deprioritize Social Events or Hobbies
    Because of your work, you can’t even include a work-free social event on your to-do list. You don’t have time for your family get-together or hobbies you used to do with your friends.
  • You Don’t Admit You Are a workaholic
    According to a psychotherapist, Bryan Robinson, workaholics are like alcoholics because they often are in denial that they have a problem. It is often a need to escape from something within themselves that they are not aware of. You are not totally open about your addiction even when others tell you that you addicted to your work.

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