Signs That A Thyroid May Not Be Working As It Should

The thyroid gland is an essential organ in the body as it produces the thyroid hormones which help in maintaining the body’s metabolic processes. It is located in the front of the neck below Adam’s apple. Other vital roles it plays are the growth and development of the body and the regulation of many body functions by releasing a steady amount of the thyroid hormones into the bloodstream.

However, your thyroid may become a cause for attention when it is under- or over-functioning. This could be termed a thyroid disease. An individual may be suffering from hyperthyroidism —the overproduction of a hormone by the thyroid gland; or hypothyroidism —a condition in which the thyroid gland finds it difficult to produce enough hormone. People with hypothyroidism will have issues with slow metabolism while those with hyperthyroidism will have issues with overactive metabolism.

What signs show that your thyroid may not be working as it should, or used to? The answers aren’t far-fetched.

  1. Anxiety and Depression
    When the thyroid produces too much hormone (hyperthyroidism) or too little hormone (hypothyroidism) for the proper regulation of the hormone, it makes you feel depressed. This is because the metabolic and other processes occurring in the body may be over- or under-driven. If you are feeling nervous, jittery, or depressed, you need to give much attention to your thyroid.



  1. Fatigue
    When you are feeling extreme tiredness or fatigue, it means that you have an underactive thyroid. The best way to bounce back is to get your thyroid hormone levels back on the right track.



  1. Constipation
    This is one of the classic signs that you have an underactive thyroid gland. If the production of the thyroid hormone is not enough, it slows down many functions of the body; which include the slowing down of the digestive tract, thus causing constipation.



  1. Random Sweating
    When the thyroid gland becomes overactive, the body’s processes speed up; thus, causing you to experience sweating. Even when the room temperature seems cold, you are always warm. Random sweating is a sign of hyperthyroid hormone.



  1. Weight Gain and Weight Loss
    Another sign that you have this issue of thyroidism is weight gain. If you are experiencing an underactive thyroid, you are more likely to gain weight. On the other hand, you are very likely to lose weight if your thyroid is overactive.



  1. Trouble Sleeping
    It is true that virtually everyone feels sluggish sometimes waking up. But when this has become a habit even after having a good night rest, it is due to the sluggishness of the thyroid.



  1. Low Libido
    Low sex equals low libido. The thyroid gland has a direct effect on the ovaries and testicles. If the production of the gland is low, it leads to the inferior production of libido and this individual will experience a diminishing drive for sex.



  1. Dry Skin
    As earlier mentioned, hyperthyroidism can make you sweat too much. But when you experience a dry scaly skin, you probably are dealing with a hypoactive gland.


Other signs you ought to look out for, showing that your thyroid gland has issues are:
Frequent bowel movement
Poor Concentration
Excessive Menstrual bleeding
Hair Loss

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