3 Signs That You Are Headed For a Breakup

What every guy needs to build a happy relationship

A relationship can be very cool and interesting, especially when both of you are in love and into each other, you understand yourselves so well that you can always settle your differences when quarrels and squabbles arises, so the thought of a breakup may be strange to you at first.

However, this beautiful union can equally take a bumpy and sour ride. As humans, we naturally tend to deal with mixed emotions when our relationship is no longer working out as we had earlier planned. I have dealt with a lot of issues, and I just feel that sometimes, relationships need to hit these cliffs for us to meet and settle with that one person we were truly meant to be with.

  1. When you begin to have doubts or you lose the fun in meeting with your boyfriend, it’s just a sign that something is happening to your heart. When you make unnecessarily complaints and give flimsy excuses about why you would not be able to hang out with him, then it should begin to dawn on you that you have started to lose interest in your man; and this may be the perfect time for you to consider if you truly want to remain in that relationship or you just want out.
  2. Some of you begin to notice that you are fed up in a relationship when you just can’t feel relaxed around your boyfriend anymore; you become nervous or often have to put up your best behavior while hanging out with your boyfriend. If this happens to you, then your breakup is just around the corner, but maybe that’s my view though.signs-headed-breakup
  3. When you begin to see hanging out with your man as an obligation and a chore rather than a pleasurable experience and hobby, then you may need to start re-evaluating your relationship status, you may already be a single even before leaving him.

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