Shower Habits That You Need To Ditch

Showering is virtually what everybody does on a daily basis. But millions who enjoy showering are really plundering themselves into a habit that they don’t even realize. There are so many showering habits we enjoy doing but aren’t the best for us. In fact, research has looked into the issue and come up with something shocking—yes, shocking things that you yourself we get agog, concluding that you have been doing the wrong acts during your cleaning time. I will share in this article some things most of us actually do that are extremely detrimental to us.

  1. Refusal to Clean the Bathtub
    Of course, no one wants to live with germs, do they? But it’s very common today that most people don’t clean their bathtubs. How would you feel if you are infected with germs and bacteria from the bathtubs? Isn’t that crazy? If you don’t clean your bathtub as required, you will definitely get infected by germs and bacteria. And if this happens, you will be knocked for six, spending more treating yourself on what you could have spent less money exterminating—the germs. Therefore, ensure that all foreign agents are removed from the bathtub as you don’t want them either in your body.


  1. Soap Dishes
    Most showers today have built-in soap dishes. But do you realize that it is very dangerous to your health if you leave your bar of soap in your shower? After using a bar of soap to wash, it is important you store away from your shower built-in soap dish so that it will be free from the bacteria engulfing it.


3. Failure to Properly Wash the Feet
Most people fail to wash their feet because, as they say, the soap and water have run down there and so it is not necessary to do that. No part of the body should be left out especially the feet because they also are bacteria victims. If we wash our hands severally, is it important then that we wash our feet too?


4. Leaving your Loofah or Sponge in the Shower
This is one of the most common practices everyone does. While it can’t be argued that loofahs and sponges help get the bacteria off the body as soon as possible and extremely well, it has been proven that these are very detrimental to our health. Why? Loofahs/sponges are very good at gathering bacteria when left damp. These products shouldn’t be left in the shower because of the wet and warm environment they are in. Note that whatever bacteria you think was out of your body when you showered will grow when your loofah doesn’t dry off completely.


  1. Taking a Long Bath
    Does this surprise you? Didn’t you know that long baths are not good for your health? It is true that there are no recommendations on how long you should stay in the shower. However, subjecting yourself to the shower for a long time will get the skin itchy, red, and it will become wrinkled like a prune. Keep showers short for the sake of your skin.


  1. Washing Your Hair Daily
    Did you really know that washing the hair daily is not an ideal idea? The hair contains oil that makes your locks hydrated. When the hair is washed regularly, you are in a sense getting the oil washed out. This is very damaging to the health of your hair. Many people with damaged hair don’t realize that it is due to their washing it too often. According to a Columbia University Health column, the hair should be washed once or twice a week.


  1. Taking a Hot Shower
    You don’t like taking cold showers? Well, this may change your thoughts about hot showers. I’m very convinced you care about your overall health, don’t you? Those hot showers you take definitely throw the skin off the natural balance of moisture it has been built on. And when this happens, the fats, oils, and proteins in the skin will be wiped off—this could lead to skin dermatitis. Hot showers should be taken when need be, not regularly.


  1. Rubbing Your Towel Against Your Skin
    People often think the best way to get the water out of the body and keep it clean is to rub vigorously the towel against the skin. However, the reverse is the case. Rubbing the towel against the skin does more harm than you think, it destroys the important skin cells. Instead of doing this after bathing, you are best advised to pat the towel on your skin.

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