Why you shouldn’t live With Your Girlfriend

living with your girlfriend

Every day, guys in a fairly good relationship feel it’s time to take their relationship to a next level, leading them to move in with their girlfriends. While many guys would

see this as an adventurous prospect in a relationship, you really have no idea what is in store for you, so while churning out the prospects of cohabiting with your girlfriend, bear in mind that you just might have stepped on a landmine, so get prepared to face the horrors.

One of the many reasons why living with your girlfriend is such a bad idea is that women often keep a ton of shit. While men need just half of a living space to house their belongings, women need twice as much, women will have so many shits thrown all over your house that your house will eventually look like motherless babies home, a beauty parlor of some sort.

You might want to reconsider living with your girlfriend, which is if your mind is already made up. This is because, the moment she moves in, you now fend for two heads bro, look at that meager income of yours, you will be broke in no distant time, you will always be the one paying for food, bills, her cosmetics, her hairdo etc, trust me you are not ready for this. And if you are, am not very sure you should carry a load of a married man while still single.

Living with your girlfriend
living with girlfriend

Lastly, get ready to see what your girl looks like, the reason she looks that beautiful is that she has mastered the act of makeup deception, like those we see in those Nollywood movies, so you wake up to see the real face of your girl and then you know if she has been deceiving you, and for how long. Am confused here; I wouldn’t class this last point as a disadvantage, it’s actually an advantage, hahaha.

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