Shocking—the Most Widely Distributed Magazine in the World Is Free

Shocking—the Most Widely Distributed Magazine in the World Is Free

It’s one of the hottest news around, and you must have even gotten a copy of this magazine as it is in every country. It’s just so shocking as this magazine would not even be among those I would ordinarily think will be making history as the most widely distributed journal, never.

You may already have started wondering what I am talking about, well, to cut the story short, that magazine is the Watchtower. If you didn’t know about the Watchtower, then you may likely have been in a cave as it’s the trademark journal of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Ever since 1990, the 130+ years old Watchtower starting going out free, and it wasn’t given based on a specific charge or subscription as we have seen prior to 1990. Well, the Watchtower organization said they wanted people of all sorts to get their trademark message, the “good news of the kingdom”.

How has the Watchtower production been funded if it wasn’t having a price tag? Well, a look at some of the publications from the Watchtower organization shows that all the work they do is supported by voluntary donations.

Well, coming back to our story; it gets really interesting after we see that the Watchtower alone is printed in over 52 million copies per edition, and it is distributed in 240 countries while they have translated the Watchtower into 243 languages.

The closest to the Watchtower and Awake is the AARP The Magazine, which is distributed in 23.4 million copies.

Its noteworthy that the Watchtower never appears in newsstands, but still, it is very hard to miss as the over 8million-strong Witnesses spend a whopping 1.90 billion hours  every month knocking on people’s doors, meeting people on streets and even stopping folks in rail stations and parks. The Witnesses boast of studying the bible with an average of 9 million non-witnesses every month, making an average of 1 witness to 1.125 persons every month (awesome).

Did I mention that the Awake (also printed by Jehovah’s Witnesses) is printed in more copies than even the Watchtower? The Awake alone is printed in 57 million copies, it’s translated into 104 languages and the most interesting is that it’s entirely free to get.

Its just surprising, as many other commercial magazines have folded up and the Awake and Watchtower are waxing stronger by the day. The Witnesses are always the first to arrive with relieve materials in some disaster-affected areas and they never stop building places of worship when churches that place high emphasis on money can’t even do half of what the Witnesses are doing.

I am made to question the Witnesses on some issues; first, I will question their source of funding. The Roman Catholic Church has always complained of not having enough fund to pay and take care of its popes and priests even with the tithes and offerings paid. How have the Witnesses managed to stay afloat without asking for offerings and tithes? I would simply conclude that there is a powerful source of funding, a source that never dries up, and I will know that source when next a Witness knocks on my door.

However, the fact remains; it’s strange, unheard, and unbelievable. The website is now translated into 700 languages, and they produced 4.5 billion pieces of literature last year alone, not forgetting that they have translated publications in over 700 languages… it’s scary, hearing that they do all this using the 5cents I give has a contribution.

I will be stopping here, what do you people think?  Have you really taken time to question them? What do you know about their backing? What do you think of their work? What do you hate about them?

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